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TSA Violates Constitution While Detaining Senator Rand Paul


We have all been humiliated at the hands of TSA, but this time the TSA may have to pay a price for over stepping the line.

According to press reports, such as this one on Officialwire.com, Senator Rand Paul was detained by the TSA.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul says he was stopped briefly by security at the Nashville airport when a scanner found an “anomaly” on his knee.

The Republican who frequently uses the airport about an hour from his Bowling Green, Ky., home told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that he asked for another scan but refused a pat down by airport security. He said he was “detained” at a small cubicle and couldn’t make his flight to Washington for a Senate session.

Paul, the son of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, said the situation reflects his long-standing concern that the TSA shouldn’t be “spending so much time with people who wouldn’t attack us.”

According to this statement released by the Ron Paul for President Campaign, Rand’s detention is another reason why the TSA should be abolished.

The TSA “gropes and grabs our children, our seniors, and our loved ones and neighbors with disabilities…while doing nothing to keep us safe.”

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign released the following statement concerning TSA abuses like the ones that resulted in U.S. Sen. Rand Paul being inconvenienced at the Nashville, Kentucky airport. Below please find comments from Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX):

“The police state in this country is growing out of control. One of the ultimate embodiments of this is the TSA that gropes and grabs our children, our seniors, and our loved ones and neighbors with disabilities. The TSA does all of this while doing nothing to keep us safe.

“That is why my ‘Plan to Restore America,’ in additional to cutting $1 trillion dollars in federal spending in one year, eliminates the TSA.

“We must restore the freedom and respect for liberty that once made American the greatest nation in human history. I am deeply committed to doing that as President of the United States.”

Rand Paul’s detention provokes an important constitutional question because the US Constitution says in Article One Section Six (speaking of federal elected officials):

They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

Americans have suffered enough humiliation at the hands of TSA. It is time to repeal these laws that make us subject to UnConstitutional searches just for the privilege of flying on an airplane.

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