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When the applause finally settled and the crowd settled in their seats, Trevor Loudon added, “This is the 2nd American Revolution. You get a team in this election and you can have a 2nd American Revolution. You’ve never had a bigger base, folks, there’s more conservatives and patriots and constitutionalists and libertarians in this country than there’s ever been. There’s all these leaders out there who know exactly what it takes to turn this country around and are itching to do it. You unite the base with the leadership folks, and who is going to stand in your way?”

Let us heed the wisdom from our brother who can see the answer for a reawakening of American freedom all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand. To do so, we must unite to defeat the enemies within – within the media, within the intelligentsia, and within the halls of Congress and the White House and within our own party.

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De oppresso liber!

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