Trashing Michele Bachmann


“Bachmann ties with Romney for first in Iowa straw poll”

The weekend headline caught many in the state-run media by surprise. Bachmann? That tea-party firebrand, Palin-wanna-be, anti-choice, history-twisting House radical?

Yes, Bachmann. The lawyer, small-business owner, farm owner, mom to five, foster mom to 23, homeschooler, pro-lifer, proud constitutionalist Republican House member from Minnesota and head of the House Tea Party Caucus. Smart, compelling Michele Bachmann will announce for president this week in Waterloo, Iowa, where she was born.

Bachmann, 55, began her political career in 1999 protesting the public-school curriculum in her home town, Stillwater, Minn. She ran for school board and lost. It was her last political loss.

She defeated an 18-year state Senate incumbent in the Republican primary in 2000 and went on beat the Democratic/Farm Labor candidate to win a state Senate seat. Bachmann was re-districted after the 2000 Census and had to defeat another incumbent in 2002 to retain a state Senate seat.

She ran for and won a seat in Congress in 2006, the first Republican woman from Minnesota to do so.

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