Top 10 class warfare attacks by President Obama


Apparently, “tax the billionaires” is a better rallying cry for his reelection campaign than “look at my record.” Here is the list, not for the faint of heart, of Obama’s class warfare attacks.

1. Attacking capitalism

The Obama campaign is trying to make Mitt Romney’s work at Bain Capital an issue in the race, bemoaning how jobs were sometimes lost in the restructuring of its acquisitions. But Mr. Obama, that is how capitalism works, and it is exactly what you did during the bailout of General Motors when unprofitable divisions were shut down in order to save the larger company.

2. Tax the rich

Even as Obama spends the nation to oblivion, he is trying to make the case that taxing the wealthy will solve the country’s budget crisis. Even Nancy Pelosi is breaking with the president, saying the Bush tax cuts should be extended to those making up to $1 million, instead of Obama’s $250,000. When you’ve lost Pelosi, you’ve lost the argument.

3. Demonize corporations

No president has ever gone after the corporate world as Obama has, demonizing the banks, the oil companies, pharmaceuticals, and any entity that could actually create a job. His hypocrisy holds no bounds, as he greedily soaks up campaign donations from the same ventures he attacks.

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