Too Many Voters Unaware Of How The Mainstream Media Corrupts The News


My sister who lives in Westchester and I were discussing her husband’s serious eye condition (he has macular degeneration) and I mentioned that Glenn Beck announced he might be going blind. She said, “Who?” She’d never heard of the Fox News host who’s written several best-selling books and appears regularly on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

My sister is an intelligent senior citizen but she doesn’t watch Fox News very much though does watch CNN and upon further discussion told me she’d never heard of Anthony (“Van”) Jones, the green-jobs czar ousted from the White House after Mr. Beck exposed his communist background. Her television news sources are CBS, NBC, and ABC, and, as a Democrat, she had no problem voting for the relatively unknown Illinois Senator Barack Obama. She also refuses to get involved with the World Wide Web.

I’ve done a similar personal survey of persons I know to be Obama supporters and, similarly, their news sources are the same. While some are Internet savvy, they use it to access social networks such as My Space, Facebook and Twitter and to view YouTube videos. None of them recognized the name Andrew Breitbart.

There’s a lot of buzz on the Internet about what has been called the Journolist. This was a private e-mail list maintained by Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein of about 400 journalists, bloggers, and academics who may have colluded in aiding the election of Mr. Obama.

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