Tolerance on Display


Police in Washington state are investigating an assault on two women, one of whom was working on a campaign to defeat a homosexual “marriage” bill.

The incident took place at a Safeway supermarket in the Seattle suburb of Burien, according to Chip White of Preserve Marriage Washington.

“Sixty-one-year-old grandmother Arlene Mark was assaulted while sitting in her Subaru Legacy as she waited to distribute campaign literature to other campaign volunteers in the parking lot of a supermarket,” White details.

The attacker, who announced, “I’m gay and proud of it,” ripped a Reject 74 campaign yard sign off the side of Mark’s car, threw it down, and stomped on it while yelling profane remarks at the senior.

“A good Samaritan by the name of Nikki Davis came to Arlene’s aid,” the Preserve Marriage Washington spokesman tells OneNewsNow. “Nikki Davis, she’s 36 years old, she’s a pregnant African-American woman, and she was sitting in the passenger seat of the van that was parked next to Arlene’s vehicle in the supermarket parking lot.”

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