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(Part 9 of an exclusive Western Journalism investigative report)

Today is the One Year Anniversary of the Placement of Obama’s Forged Long-Form Birth Certificate on the White House Website, a Red-Letter Day to be Sure

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Forensic Hurdles and the Obvious Choice, a Digital Forgery

Just this past month, Alabama State Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker filed a concurrence in denial of a mandamus petition over a request for an original copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate be filed with the State in the Courts Order:

Mclnnish has attached certain documentation to his mandamus petition, which, if presented to the appropriate forum as part of a proper evidentiary presentation, would raise serious questions about the authenticity of both the ‘short form’ and the ‘long form’ birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public.

His statement resulted from a failed ballot challenge from Alabama, although Justice Parker is referring to the findings by Maricopa County Sheriff‘s office.

I believe we are at a point to make some reasonable conjecture.

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A forgery for a “certificate of live birth” must be created to give the appearance of propriety to Obama’s claims of citizenship. Otherwise, he is simply a usurper; the cries for verification have become too loud to ignore. Donald Trump and Jerome Corsi’s best selling book “Wheres the Birth Certificate?”, which was released in May 2011, turned the tide and forced Obama to make an about face on this issue.  Obama could not release his actual and genuine “certified” copy as it would show him to be ineligible to hold the Office of President as it is most likely a birth certificate by affidavit.

Given this set of circumstances, several technical difficulties come into play that limit his choices to accomplish the goal of creating a forgery for his birth documents; these hurdles are discussed below.

1.) It cannot be easily placed into the bound volume residing in the records of the State of Hawaii; the reason for this is that it is forensically impossible to do so for the following reasons:

1a.) this would require removing the entire record from the vault for an extended period; this is practically impossible.

1b.) the entire bound volume would be nearly impossible to duplicate as it would require a volume of materials that are no longer available (age appropriate).  This would mean paper, spine,  cover, inside flap materials, adhesives, ink, and the duplication of every record in the current bound volume, a monumental task.

1c.) to replace just his record is again difficult as it actually requires taking the bound volume apart separating the page that contains his record.  A single page in a bound book is actually only one of four pages.  It is a single piece of paper that is folded in half and placed with others nested to make a booklet; these booklets are then brought together and bound then placed into the spine of a single volume.  It is printed on each side as well, further complicating matters.

(Note: if it is a 3 post binder book this matter would be easier to accomplish; however, any single page would either be two or four pages front to back.)

2d.) it would be next to impossible to cut and replace a page; this would then be two pages (front & back), and it would be grossly evident given close examination.

1e.) forensic and chemical tests on the paper and materials would again preclude the substitution or replacement scenario, as aging leaves it‘s own evidence that is difficult to duplicate and in some cases geographic dependent on how it effects a record.

1f.) a bound volume that has records added as is it made (being added through time) brings a matter of complexity to any attempt to enter a forged record of this type.  This book then would capture certain biological material (spores and pollen) and information of the seasons as flora blooms and blossoms along with fungi and humans that handled this volume.

(Note: examination of this type of evidence would be another method to ascertain that the book or records contained forgeries.)

2.)  Microfiche records may or not exist for his record; if so, a forged microfiche record may be able to be made. However, it would require remaking the entire reel or sheet, then substituting the forged record during the exposure and creation process.  This is probably a more feasible process; however, it would need materials that would pass forensic examination.  Original materials that date to the time the reel or sheet was last created is probably next to impossible to obtain to complete this type of forgery.

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