Time’s Joe Klein: ObamaCare Protests a ‘Celebration of Ignorance’


Time magazine’s Joe Klein complained about the legal appearance of openly-carried weapons at protests against President Obama during a segment on CNN’s Newsroom on Monday, and labeled the protests against ObamaCare as a “celebration of ignorance and misinformation.” Anchor Rick Sanchez and his other guest also falsely characterized one of the guns carried at a recent protest.

Sanchez first asked Klein about the appearance of guns at several recent protests against President Obama outside his health care town hall events or speeches: “Joe, I don’t remember people protesting against President Bush showing up with weapons. Do you?” The Time columnist answered, “No. I’ve been doing this for almost 40 years now, and I’ve never seen anything like this. There should be like a Second Amendment equivalent of the First Amendment- shouting fire in a crowded theater.”

The CNN anchor expressed his agreement with this analogy, and the columnist continued with his point, and included his label of the anti-ObamaCare protesters: “I mean…there is a right to bear arms….But there’s also a right to protect the president and a right to sanity, and this is clearly getting quite out of hand. You know, what we’ve seen this month is pretty frightening in general. We’ve seen- you know, the celebration of ignorance and misinformation in this health care battle, and- you know, this, more than almost any other issue I can think of, is one where we need to be clear-headed and- you know, lay out the facts and let people decide the facts.”

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