By Don Feder, Boycott the New York Times

The New York Times managed to get the following ad hominems into yesterday’s immigration editorial: “racialist extremism,” “nativism of fringe right-wingers,” “white-supremacist views” and (that old standby of the anti-sovereignty left) “Know-Nothings.”

The editorial was a hysterical response to last week’s National Press Club event, where a group of immigration-reform advocates observed that if the GOP is ever again to become a majority party, it has to get real about defending our borders.

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The Times was duly incensed. “For years Americans have rejected the cruelty of enforcement-only regimes and Latino-bashing,” the editorial screeched.

Not to parrot the Democrats by pushing amnesty and guest-worker programs “is the path to permanent political irrelevance” for the Republican Party, The Times advised.

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