TIME Exposed for Militia Tea Party Propaganda


Time magazine is practically irrelevant. The only reason it is still around at all is because it bares the name of the parent company. So, they continues to prop up this long dead publication. Anything published in that rag is usually not even worth commenting on. Like the tree falling in forest, Time has no audience. None. When is the last time, anyone said to you, “Did you see that article in Time?”

That being said, we need to point out their completely disingenuous cover story this week. Once again, the establishment media is trying to frighten people with the creepy, right-wing militia bogeyman. How long can they continue this tactic with no evidence that militias offer any threat at all?

Well. I guess there was the Ft. Hood gunman. Oh yeah, he was a radical Muslim.

OK, than what about the Discovery Channel whacko? Oh, that’s right, I forgot, he was a radical environmentalist disciple of Al Gore.

Remember that guy who flew the airplane into the Texas building hoping to get the IRS? Surely, he was some kind of militia nutjob? Take a look at his manifesto. Turns out he was a George Bush-hating communist!

The Arkansas recruiting center shooter? Would-be Times Square bomber? Underwear bomber? Not a militia member among them. All radicalized.

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