Tiger and Global Warming – Media Imbalance


A conservative media watchdog says the mainstream media has given 15 times more coverage to the Tiger Woods scandal than that of the “ClimateGate” ordeal.

On Tuesday, Gatorade announced it would discontinue its Tiger Woods sports drink in the wake of ongoing revelations about his numerous extramarital affairs as the media coverage has been incessant in its coverage of the Woods scandal.

On the other hand, despite the Copenhagen climate conference, the major networks have virtually ignored the ClimateGate scandal involving high-profile scientists, potentially “manipulated” data, and the censorship of global-warming skeptics among the scientific community.

“The Tiger Woods stuff has gotten way more coverage. We’re talking 15 times as much than the ClimateGate stuff,” says Jeff Poor, a staff writer at the Business and Media Institute of the Media Research Center. “Part of that is because of the celebrity aspect, but the other big part of it, I think, is there is a real reluctance to talk about [ClimateGate] because it goes against the politically correct idea that man is contributing to this global-warming phenomenon.”

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