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SOURCE: The Truth Is Viral

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We live in a violent world.

American citizens are much more likely to be killed by lightning than by international terrorism. That’s a given; but the odds of being killed in a violent crime increase dramatically here at home, among our shopping malls and movie theaters. Mass shootings like the ones in Newtown and Aurora (isn’t it sad that we now know these beautiful small towns by a singular name, forever equated with unparalleled tragedy?) are horrific for sure; but nobody says anything about the fact that there is a Newtown-type body count on the streets of Chicago every single weekend, or that more people were murdered in that city last year than the total number of soldiers and Marines who died in Afghanistan during the same time period. Nearly all of the victims in Chicago were killed with handguns.

Even in the tranquil woods of Northern Michigan, there is need to be concerned for one’s personal safety (this writer’s in particular, as I have been the target of numerous death threats over the internet and over my office telephone because of my support for conservative commentator Michelle Malkin and the 2nd Amendment.)

Malkin had been the target of thug rapper “The Game” and hundreds of his followers on Twitter whose vile epithets and threats of rape and murder were just too much for this writer to remain silent. The Game had tweeted that Malkin and FOX News should be boycotted. Fair enough. I called for the same in reference to his album “Jesus Piece” and was suddenly “Malkined.”

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Hundreds of The Game’s fans began tweeting obscenities, and there were a few death threats thrown in as well; but what really drew my attention was one Twit’s threat to rape my wife, who is battling Stage IV Colo-rectal and Liver cancer. These threats have been reported to the proper authorities, and I am anxiously awaiting the results of their investigation.

Since I can’t have a police officer stationed outside my house 24/7, and any help from 911 would most likely arrive too late, I have once again applied for a concealed pistol license (CPL) so that I can protect my family wherever I go without drawing stares and freaking people out with the .40 caliber cannon I carry.

However, since Michigan is an Open Carry state, I suppose I will have to suffer the occasional disapproving glance until I go before the gun board next month. That’s what law-abiding citizens do; they apply for a permit if they wish to carry a concealed weapon. How many criminals does the anti-gun lobby expect will do the same?

But the Second Amendment is not about personal protection or hunting. The Founders were wise enough to enshrine our Natural Rights in the Constitution. They knew that there would always be evil men who would do anything to gain absolute power, and they wanted to give their posterity the means to defend themselves from Tyrants who would wield that power like a club given the opportunity.

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