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Three Ads Mitt Romney Really Should Run


It’s time to take on the false charge of a Republican “War on Women” and defeat it.

Here are some outlines for a few television ads we should run.


#1 Visual is Bill Clinton in the witness chair being asked questions about Monica Lewinsky. There is no sound. A female voice says, “Former President Bill Clinton will address the Democratic National Convention  – really? Do these people remember Kathleen Wiley?”  Headline appears” “Accused Clinton of forcibly groping her in the Oval Office”

Voice over: “Do they remember Juanita Broddrick?”

Headline changes to “Accused Clinton of raping her.”

Voice over: “Do they remember Monica Lewinsky?”

Headline changes to “Taken advantage of in the Oval Office by Bill Clinton.”

Closes with sound coming up and Clinton saying “I never had sex with that women, Miss. Lewinsky…”

Female voice over: “Bill Clinton will address the Democratic National Convention – really?”


# 2 Clearly under-35 female voice says “The Democrats are trying to tell women what is important to them. What do women think is important to them?”

Visual is first woman speaking into camera “I’ve been out of work for two and half years because of Barack Obama’s failure policies. Getting a job: That’s what’s important to me.”

Second woman says, “I ran a small business that was destroyed by Barack Obama’s policies. I want my life back: That’s what’s important to me.”

Third woman: “My parents will be facing serve cutbacks in their medical coverage because of Obamacare.  I want peace of mind for my family: That’s what’s important to me.”

Fourth woman: “The Obama Administration is dictating what my religious beliefs should be. I want to worship as I see fit and not be told how to worship God:  That’s what’s important to me.”


#3 Spot:  Female voice says “What’s important to you in this next election?”

First woman says “I live in Arizona, and my family’s safety from illegal immigrants is important to me.”

Second woman: “My daughter is serving in Afghanistan, so I want a strong Commander in Chief. That’s what I care about.”

Third Woman: “I care about four years of TRILLION dollar deficits and what it will do to my grandchildren’s future; that’s what I care about.”

Fourth Woman: “I’m not better off now than I was four years ago. I care about whether or not I will have my Social Security when I retire; that’s what I care about.”

Fifth Woman: “What am I concerned about? I haven’t had a raise in three years, and putting food on the table costs more now than it did before Obama took office.  I know healthcare can’t possibly be free, so I’m concerned about hearing the truth about my future. That’s what I’m concerned about.”


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