The Threat The UN Poses To America Greater Than You Think


Why are SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVES of both political parties so hell-bent on surrendering our sovereignty as a nation to the United Nations? It is being reported that Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are trying to give the United Nations the power to regulate the purchase and sale of arms and ammunition into and out of America. It has also been reported that Obama wants to turn our control of about a third of the world’s ocean area that we now patrol over to the United Nations. (The UN has done a bang up job of putting an end to piracy on the high seas, don’t you agree?) The Obama administration and some PROGRESSIVE judges would like to be able to bring in International Law to help determine American law cases……why?

What wisdom pours forth from the United Nations that we here in America, the freest thinkers in the world, need to tap into to solve our problems as well as those of the world? Somehow and somewhere, the United Nations has become this bastion of enlightenment to the PROGRESSIVE community, when in fact, the organization has taken major steps backwards. The United States pays the largest portion of the UN’s financing and operational costs.

The United States allowed the UN to be located on our sovereign territory (New York), even though diplomats continually flaunt our laws and snob their noses at us while in session. America has always been a major contributor to UN actions, serving along side the UN’s forces but maintaining our separate command and control as per LAW. No one has the authority to subordinate United States military forces under any other command unless specifically permitted by Congress. To my knowledge. it hasn’t happened…yet.

15 years ago, an American army medic named Michael New was dishonorably discharged because he refused to replace his American uniform flag with the emblem of the United Nations. Then-President Bill Clinton issued an executive order that ordered American forces to place themselves under UN command….New refused. There is new evidence that Clinton knew that his executive order was illegal. Michael New and his attorneys are currently appealing his discharge to the military. New, apparently isn’t the first military person to refuse to wear the UN logo. He is also not the first to either be dishonorably discharged or give up their commission for such a refusal.

What kind of insanity grips these PROGRESSIVES that they are so eager to give our sovereignty and power away to a less than dubious organization? If these people don’t want to keep America strong, then why do they run for political office? Every politician that runs for federal office takes an oath to our Constitution, not the UN charter! The United Nations has become nothing more than a sounding board for despots, dictators, and mad men. The United Nations’ impotence has been glaringly revealed in their inability to stop the slaughter in Syria, Libya, and Egypt.

The final truth is that we didn’t vote for any of those people in the United Nations; we DID, however, vote for the people in Washington D.C. to look out for America’s interest. If Obama and his minions are unwilling to abide by the will of the American people, then it is time for them to go. This is our country, and we the people will decide how it’s run, NOT the UN.

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