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We’ll allow the NBA to take Donald Sterling’s team away from him because he’s a douchebag, but we won’t do anything about the Sultan of Brunei’s ownership of property in the United States like the Beverly Hills Hotel–even though he’s a much bigger douchebag than Sterling. After all, Sterling just didn’t want his skank girlfriend bringing Magic Johnson to Clippers games. The Sultan wants to stone gay folks to death inside his borders. We would call that a terrorist state in most administrations, and there would be sanctions against them doing business here. Not today.

What’s Barack’s wife’s hashtag for that? #Shariahsucksinbeverlyhills?

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Presidents are supposed to lead. Sometimes they lead from a bully pulpit, and sometimes they lead with the United States Marine Corps. But they have to lead.

This President not only doesn’t want to lead domestically; he projects the opposite of what America has always been overseas. We cannot police everything; but we should stand for freedom, democracy, and human rights.

This is why Vladimir Putin can invade Crimea with impunity. He did that while a Federal agency our President had probably never heard of (the Bureau of Land Management) was busy bungling an invasion of Nevada.

If the guy in the White House thinks supporting freedom and democracy and human rights around the world is passé, then what do you think the penny ante tinhorn dictators are going to do when given an opportunity? Where does it end? With a nuclear weapon being exploded by some Sudanese national in Tulsa?

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In words everybody can understand, a wimp in the White House puts us all in danger, as well as people like those 300 girls and the American’s Sudanese wife.

Do you really think either of those things would have happened if George W. Bush or Bill Clinton were in the White House?

Incompetence and indecision are worse for the nation than any particular brand of politics.

You don’t have to worry about Barack Obama destroying America. You need to worry about him ignoring America.

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