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Fred Weinberg


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I have to admit that I’m disappointed by Mike Huckabee’s decision not to run for President in 2012.

I agree with Donald Trump that the former Arkansas Governor would have been a terrific President.  And there’s always the possibility that he may someday be.  After all, he’s only 55.   But not next year.

“All the factors say go, but my heart says no and that’s the decision I have made,” he told his audience last week on his Fox News Channel show.  He said that even he didn’t fully understand his decision. Frankly, his decision is understandable.  And predictable.

You see, Mike Huckabee is one of the sanest and most reasonable people in public life today.  But right now, he’s a civilian and doesn’t have to play by Washington rules. We chew Presidential candidates up and spit them out and then we grill the spittle for another meal.  Destroying people has become a sporting event in Washington.  Watch a Winston Cup Race on Sunday, watch a life being destroyed on Monday.  Nothing pleases the media more than taking a politician or staff member of a high ranking politician and prosecuting them. Scooter Libby is now a convicted felon who spent millions defending himself because he misstated something to a grand jury and was prosecuted even after it was clear that he was NOT the person who leaked information that Valarie Plame was a CIA agent.  And, by the way, never mind that t was common knowledge in DC.  But he also happened to be Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff and a special prosecutor wanted to “get” him at the urging of the lefties in Congress.  He was days from reporting to prison when President Bush commuted his sentence. It’s also not the exclusive purview of the left.

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Kenneth Starr persecuted (that’s not a typo) Bill Clinton for years because he didn’t tell the truth about an extra marital affair with Monica Lewenski. Now I’m not condoning extra marital affairs from politicians (I’ll get to that in a minute.) but what Clinton did had no effect on his job as President. While all of this goes on, the American public watches it like a NASCAR Cup race.

This isn’t a game to the people whose normal human activity is being criminalized.  Defense attorneys cost money.  Freedom, in that case, truly isn’t free. Don’t forget, we have an Attorney General who is refusing to drop an investigation into CIA agents who interrogated the very terrorist who gave us the first clue about where Osama Bin Laden had holed up. And we have a Federal Appeals Court Judge who some members of Congress wanted disbarred because he wrote a memo while a white house lawyer declaring waterboarding legal.  Which it probably is. And then, there’s our very own John Ensign.

What he did in his personal life was reprehensible.  Sleeping with your campaign treasurer who happens to be your Chief of Staff’s wife is one thing.  Doing that when you are a member of Promise Keepers is entirely another. But let’s be honest.

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