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There still is time to save America!


How blind are many Americans? Obama, during a speech in Virginia on Friday, said ” I noticed the House of Representatives, the Republicans in the House of Representatives, they voted to repeal it again.”  He went on to say “That was the 33rd time they’ve done that-33 votes to repeal the heath care bill.  All it would take is one vote to make sure that all of you don’t see your taxes go up next year. You tell me what would be a better use of time”.  What Obama failed to tell those folks in Virginia is that five Democrats also voted to repeal ObamaCare.

How can Obama go around with a straight face saying that he lowered taxes for the middle class when in fact, ObamaCare once fully implemented will be the largest tax imposed onto the American people throughout our history. What’s even more amazing to me is how this “snake oil salesman” continues to spin his lies and the American people continue to support him and his crippling policies.
If Obama is successful in stealing another four years, the only thing preventing him from running for a third term is the limitations imposed by the Constitution, which clearly states that a president cannot run for a third term.
The many times that Obama has circumvented the Constitution by signing one of his 940+ “Executive Orders” should be a clear sign the if he retains the keys to the White House for a second term, he will never let those keys go to anyone ever again, not in his lifetime. The American people can pretty much count on him declaring himself a ‘dictator”, which is exactly how he ruled America these past three+ years.
Obama’s Administration is constantly hammering away at Mitt Romney, demanding that he release additional years of his tax returns.  Their purpose in having him do so is to try and prove to the American people that Romney, being as wealthy as he is, is out of touch with the majority of Americans.  The Administration’s tactic is to divide and conquer, to turn the blacks against the whites and the poor against the rich, knowing full well that there are more poor American voters in America than there are rich American voters.
Mitt Romney’s campaign should demand that Obama release all of his Harvard University records, including his application to attend Harvard; his grades; his thesis; and any and all letters, documents, and reports that he wrote during his tenure at Harvard.
Since Obama has stated numerous times that his Administration will be the most transparent Administration in history, this challenge would give them an opportunity to prove just how transparent they really are.  It would also, I believe, put an abrupt end to the Administration demanding that Mitt Romney produce additional tax records.
The reality is that Obama and his Administration will not provide any of the documents from Harvard or Occidental College since if those documents ever surfaced, they would prove without a doubt that Obama was not eligible to hold the office of the presidency. Those records would prove a number of significant and critical things, the most significant being that he attended those educational institutions as a “Foreign Exchange Student”. Those records would also show the passport that he used and the country that issued the passport to him, which was not America.  They would also prove that, as he wrote in his book, he did drugs and drank heavily, and much of his time at University was a fog.
The American people have an opportunity in November to do what our elected Representatives have failed to do, which is to save whatever is left of America by voting Obama and his Administration out of office.  If he is allowed to remain in power, America will be “transformed” forever.

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