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The Wrath of God


Photo credit: Les_Stockton (Creative Commons)

I make no apology for writing about God and things in the Bible that (I think) relate to the current world in which we live and the mess we have created and are continuing to compound.  If you are offended that I bring GOD into the equation , I am (shallowly) so sorry but simply will not apologize.  It is what it is, and we are where we are in history.

I check out many informational websites and TV programs, both secular and Christian on a daily basis.  Recently, I watched a sermon by one of my Christian heroes, John Hagee, who pastors a large church in Houston, Texas. I like Hagee because he does not ‘mince words.’  John Hagee does what very few (whether Christian or secular talking heads) do.  HE TELLS IT LIKE IT IS from a Biblical perspective.

In his preaching/teaching, he said that the United States had “crossed the line” (spiritually) when our current Administration in Washington, under the leadership (?) of President Obama,  endorsed ‘same sex’ marriage.  I applaud Hagee’s stand because most ‘religious’ tax-exempt organizations are way too concerned about their tax-exempt status to actually take a stand on anything.  That is because the IRS, the ACLU, our current President, and his administration have intimidated them into a state of fear, numbness, and ineffectiveness.

Our so-called “leader” is now considering going to the Supreme Court to have California’s 2008 ban on same-sex marriage ruled unconstitutional.  If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would actually be humorous that a President who has ignored our founding document, the rule of law, our Congress, and the will of the (taxpaying legal) people in his first four years would suddenly embrace our Constitution. That would (or should), to any thinking individual, whether liberal or conservative, appear to be the peak of hypocrisy in a national leader.

If you know anything about the Bible, you are, or should be, familiar with the destruction of the Old Testament cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of God’s disgust with how the majority of the inhabitants of those cities had turned from following Him in pursuit of their own perverted sexual lusts.  Maybe you muse at this bit of history, but I doubt that there is much to laugh about in the eyes of God.

Our nation has silently stood by while over 55 million babies have been murdered since our Supreme Court said it was OK (in Roe vs. Wade) to kill kids in the womb. More recently, the courts have said that it is OK to kill them once their heads are exiting the mother’s body, so long as the little person is pushed back in so that the “doctor” can stick a surgical instrument into their defenseless brain to kill them.  Do you still support this ideology?

We have stood silently by as our egomaniac  leader has pushed his socialist agenda on our nation.  We have continued to sit back on our fat apathies while allowing our nation to step completely outside the will of God.

I understand the “gimmie” crowd that is going for all of the freebies they can get and will contribute nothing, other than the sales tax they cannot get around. BUT, I do not understand even the most liberal/progressive/socialist American citizen who can support this President, who is hellbent on disarming those of us who bear arms legally while sending arms and airplanes of war to those leaders in other countries who hate our guts. (not to mention our southern border, which he refuses to close to all but those who enter our country legally.)

If you have even a scant knowledge of the Bible, then you will understand my closing thoughts.  If not, then you will either laugh or dismiss them completely.  All I will say is shame on you.

My parting thought is that if God does not pour out His wrath on the United States very soon, then He owes a huge apology to Sodom and Gomorrah.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, do some research.

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Photo credit: Les_Stockton (Creative Commons)


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