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Two years ago,Obama Administration A.G. Eric Holder called the United States a “nation of cowards” in matters of race. The U.S. “…has not come to grips with its racial past,nor has it been willing to contemplate,in a truly meaningful way,the diverse future it is fated to have”,he told his staff on the occasion of Black History Month.

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Is Holder on to something?

A month ago,15 to 20 “teenage males”dragged a man into a Chicago street and beat him. Another victim was robbed of a cell phone and camera while being kicked and beaten.

At the same time,a Chicago woman complained that a dozen “young men”had taken over the street in front of her apartment building,stopping cars and dragging people out of taxis.

On Memorial Day,a policeman reported some 500 “youths”got off of West Side Chicago trains and made their way to the lakefront. Beach goers that day said they were harassed by “mobs of youths…”Even now,Chicagoans are warned to not ride bicycles or swim at the North Avenue beach.

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Photo Credit: The Aspen Institute Creative Commons

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