The UN Arms Trade Treaty


Obama is expected to sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty on July 27, 2012. Secretary Hilary Clinton has been working in brining this about for quite some time. The global weapons market at the present time exceeds $60 billion dollars per year. The intent of the Arms Trade Treaty is to curb the irresponsible trade and transfer of arms and weapons, and the idea is that a UN Arms Trade Treaty would facilitate that.

The UN signing an Arms Trade Treaty is similar to locking the barn door after all of the horses have escaped, and by signing the Arms Trade Treaty the global weapons market will go from a $60 billion dollar industry to a trillion dollar industry, since the demand for weapons by rouge countries is similar to the demand that America has for drugs. Neither one can be controlled or curbed.

The price of a desired item, be it weapons or drugs, is driven by two key factors: availability and desire. As the availability is reduced due to regulations and the desire increases, so the price of those items naturally increases as well. The greater the risk involved in providing the desired item, the price directly relates to the increased price of those items.

A UN Arms Trade Treaty will do nothing to slow down the distribution and availability of weapons since, once again, there are far to many weapons scattered throughout the world, and countries and individuals that want to obtain additional weapons will still be able to do so, but at a significantly higher price. At the same time, there are many countries that are not at all concerned with a UN treaty (or for that matter any other treaty), and they will continue to sell weapons to any country or individual that is both willing and capable of paying for them.

The United States is broke, yet the UN spends about $15 billion dollars per year, and our Government covers about 22% of that. In 2008, the United Sates spent $25 billion on foreign aid, I am certain that the current figures are dramatically higher than that. The United States also gives Pakistan over one billion dollars per year. Egypt receives about the same, and here we are borrowing over 15 trillion dollars, most of it from Japan.

I think that since the members of Congress appear not to be doing much of anything lately, they might want to sit down and discuss the importance and significance of continuing to support the UN and America’s desire to give away what we no longer have, which is money

The reality is that signing a UN Arms Trade Treaty accomplishes nothing positive for anyone, and continuing to support the UN appears to be something that should have been terminated a very long time ago.

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