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One of President Obama’s greatest assets is that he makes grandiose, bold commitments of what his administration is going to do for the American people and the nation. When he came into office, he promised to “usher in a new era of open government” and “act promptly” to make information public.

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One of President Obama’s greatest liabilities is that he rarely, if ever, fulfills those promises. Consider his track record:

•One of the first acts he was going to do when elected in 2008 was to shut down the prison facility at Guantanamo since it is a symbol of U.S. repression. As of today, nearly four years later, the prison is still open with no sign it will be shut down any time soon.
•He promised that unlike George Bush, he would not go around Congress and appoint any high ranking government bureaucrat without Congressional approval and hearings (a promise that he has broken numerous times.)
•He promised that his economic stimulus program would get unemployment well below 6% and prevent it from ever going over 8%. Unfortunately, his administration oversaw an all-time record for consecutive months having an unemployment rate over 8%.
•He promised that he would slash the annual Federal government spending deficit in half by the end of his first term but ended up setting sky-high record deficits every year of his first term, incurring a total national debt of over $5 TRILLION in just four short years.
•He promised that he would never raise taxes in a weak economy on any American, something he cannot wait to do now.
•He promised that he would quickly disengage U.S. forces in Iraq and ended up taking three years to do it using the existing Bush exit plan.
•He promised to slash earmarks, thinly-disguised misuses of taxpayer wealth by incumbent politicians to finance their reelection campaigns, but was unable or unwilling to do so.
•At his swearing-in ceremony, he swore to uphold the Constitution and laws of the land and then ignored both during his first four years in office by engaging our military in the Libyan civil war without Congressional approval, ignoring court orders by a Federal judge relative to the Gulf oil drilling moratorium, unilaterally declining to enforce the tenets of the DOMA law (a law that should have never been passed but was the law of the land, requiring the administration to enforce it), and sanctioning the first official government assassination of an American citizen without due process of law.

We could go on with other broken promises, but you get the idea. Great at promising, pitiful in delivering on those promises. But probably his biggest lie/disappointment has been the promise to operate the most transparent Presidential administration ever. No secrets, open government, high transparency. Not surprisingly, this is also a failed promise, a very large failure across all Federal entities:

For example, Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA, is involved in the latest Obama administration embarrassment over transparency when it came to light that she has been conducting EPA business using two email accounts. One account is a publicly known and used, official email account.

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