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The Top Stories We Broke in 2010


As we end 2010 and begin a new year, the media take a look back at the year gone by. We too wish to look back at all the stories this website has broken in the few months of our existence. Some have been ignored, others have been reported nationally — without credit to those of us who discovered them. Nonetheless, we are happy the information has spread and look forward to leading the charge in 2011. We want to take this time to celebrate all we have accomplished in so little time by highlighting a baker’s dozen of stories that we broke. Counting down our stories, from least to greatest.

13. Obama Apologizes to Guatemala for a Guatemalan Government Experiment (story). On October 1, Barack Obama phoned Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom with a heavy heart. He learned that from 1946-48, the U.S. Public Health Service had tested the effectiveness of penicillin in treating syphilis by infecting Guatemalan prisoners and soldiers with the disease, then treating them. Guatemalan politicians howled for “compensation,” and Obama promised “a thorough investigation.” The experiments — discovered by Susan Reverby of Wellesley College and revealed in the January issue of the Journal of Policy History — were inhumane. However, Reverby noted one fact Obama overlooked: The Guatemalan government approved of the experiments at the time. The story shows Obama’s focus on what he describes as America’s “tragic history” and absurd reflex to apologize for American behavior. In this case, the courageous leader of the free world apologized to the president of a third world backwater for experiments both their governments approved and conducted before either one of them was alive.

12. Oklahoma’s Muslim Law Ban Struck Down by Clinton Diversity Pick (story). On election day 2010, more than 70 percent of Oklahoma voters approved State Question 755, which forbids state courts from considering Islamic religious law, Shari’a, in pending court cases. However, federal judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange of the 10th Circuit Court issued a series of injunctions against the measure. In her tangled view, a law prohibiting judges from deciding cases based on religious law constituted an attack on the First Amendment. As we alone exposed, Miles-LaGrange, whom Bill Clinton appointed in 1994 as “first African-American federal judge in the six states that make up the 10th Circuit,” is a thoroughgoing mediocrity who has spent her entire career benefiting from or promoting Affirmative Action. She now sees Muslims as the next victims of an oppressive Christian America. Remember this the next time someone calls Bill Clinton a “moderate.”

11. Left-Winger Confirms Obama’s “Covert Propaganda” Scandal (story). In August, Rep. Darrell Issa’s House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform issued a 36-page report accusing Barack Obama of engaging in “covert propaganda” activities that were “inappropriate and sometimes unlawful.” The White House, Issa wrote, would enlist third parties to promote its talking points without mentioning its connection to Obama, a move he alleges is illegal (and thus impeachable). Within days, far-Left activist Sally Kohn confirmed another facet of this story on The Huffington Post. I reported the administration invited Kohn to a May 2009 “cultural policy summit” with five dozen other radical activists and extremists. Kohn wrote this was the beginning of the Obama administration’s weekly “Common Purpose” meetings, where “the White House dictated its agenda and appealed to the professional left for back-up.” Kohn, a onetime Ford Foundation employee, is a self-described “Jewish lesbian” who once wrote a DailyKos diary entry entitled, “Why I Have a Little Crush on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.” Her allegations that the president used them in a covert propaganda campaign are worthy of inclusion in an investigation of this scandal. To date, no one else has noticed them.

10. Obama’s Stimulus Put Microchips in Your Trash (story). Nearly half-a-million dollars of the stimulus bill went to an unusual form of economic activity: Dayton, Ohio, used some of these funds to purchase 8,000 recycling bins equipped with microchips that track which residents are recycling. This Big Brother snooping is not stimulating is unseemly under any circumstances, especially when financed in the name of improving the economy. In the interest of full disclosure, Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain included this use of ARRA funds in their list of 100 wasteful stimulus programs entitled “Summertime Blues.” While numerous reporters covered the existence of the report, no one reported this invasion of privacy until this author found the reference on August 19. By happenstance, a Cleveland newspaper exposed a similar initiative in that city, and the next day Michelle Malkin took to Fox News airwaves to discuss the program with Neil Cavuto.

9. Liveblogging on Election Night (transcript). Floyd Brown and I had the privilege of simultaneously live blogging, chatting online, and hosting a conference call with prominent conservative leaders around the country on the night Republicans took back the people’s house in the midterm elections. Floyd’s insightful analysis and our contacts on the ground around the nation allowed us to accurately call several races before the major networks. We were the first ones to know Joe Miller would go well  into extra innings. We were the first to experience the heartbreak of Sharron Angle’s defeat in Nevada after rural counties failed to make up Reid’s lead in major cities. This is due to Floyd’s extensive service to the conservative cause and his first-hand knowledge of campaigns around the country. I’d like to think my county-by-county vote analysis was pretty good, too.

8. Obama’s UN Apology is a Blueprint for Socialism (story). Furthering his international apology tour, Barack Obama became the first president to submit a report on U.S. human rights to the UN Human Rights Council. In addition to condemning Arizona’s immigration law (see below), the document he submitted enshrines America’s commitment to numerous socialist economic and social programs. Among things Obama considers fundamental human rights are the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”; universal preschool; bilingual ballots; Affirmative Action; his health care reform bill; and card check union organizing. The danger of including these left-wing programs in a UN human rights report is that the UNHRC takes into consideration voluntary pledges made by member nations — such as enacting card check — and considers this part of that nation’s obligation. Failure to follow through, say by a future Republican president, could get the United States slammed for “persistent non-cooperation” with the UN and a “failure to live up to its international obligations.” Again, after we broke the story, Neil Cavuto hosted a Fox News segment on the UN commitment to card check, interviewing Barbara Comstock.

7. Anti-American Globalists “Defend” U.S. at the UN (story). In submitting the United States to UN Human Rights Council scrutiny, foreign nations including Iran and North Korea get the opportunity to criticize alleged U.S. “human rights abuses.” To defend us, Barack Obama appointed three America-hating globalists. Legal adviser Harold Koh is a believer in “transnationalist jurisprudence,” and once equated our country with Iran and North Korea as part of the “axis of disobedience.” Michael H. Posner has served as president or executive director of Human Rights First (HRF) for 30 years. HRF routinely criticized the U.S. after 9/11 for abuses at Guantanamo Bay that did not occur, but insisted Cambodia’s Pol Pot regime exercised “a policy of restraint with respect to violations of physical security.” With friends like these….

6. Obama’s Stealth Reparations (story). The president’s “tragic” emphasis has led him to stress the importance of paying “reparations” (his term) to allegedly aggrieved minorities. We noted Obama’s urgency for Congress to settle numerous lawsuits by black, American Indian, women, and Hispanic “farmers” who claim the government discriminated against them amounted to stealth reparations. We reported the low legal threshold of evidence required to win a $50,000 settlement and the hefty amount of fraud involved. Since then the fearless Congressman Steve King of Iowa has taken to the House floor to announce, “We’re not going to pay slavery reparations.” He is promising full investigations into this fraud-laden wealth transfer next year.

5. “No Labels” is a Third Party in Waiting (story). While other conservatives were denouncing the pseudo-centrist “No Labels” movement as bland or non-committal, we exposed it for what it is: a nascent third party movement. Despite its official insistence that “No Labels is not interested in encouraging the development of a third party,” its organizers have repeatedly gone on record with their intentions to form just such a party. Former Bush consultant Mark McKinnon recorded a podcast with the likewise Label-less David Frum stating, “There’s some people working very hard” to establish a third party by 2012 but he was “reluctant to talk about it right now.” But on October 22 at Harvard, McKinnon admitted “something very exciting” was coming: “A third party in 2012.” The “centrist” movement would coalesce RINOs and PUMAs behind a candidate, probably New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In addition to potentially complicating the 2012 election, No Labels stakes out unpopular, liberal positions as “centrism,” making Obama appear less radical than most Americans know he is.

4. Massive Voting Irregularities in the Alaska Senate Race. The Alaska Senate race between Tea Party favorite and official Republican candidate Joe Miller vs. incumbent Lisa Murkowski not only made for ideological drama but exposed the depths of corruption inherent in any political machine. Any political apparatus, whether nominally run by Republicans or Democrats, abuses the system for its own ends. The GOP establishment Sarah Palin fought against targeted Miller by teaming up with Native corporations and tribal leaders and running a truly You-Con election. Before the election a federal contractor was caught on tape encouraging his employees to vote for Murkowski. Native villages voted in some cases unanimously for Murkowski. It was no surprise when allegations surfaced that in some villages all the ballots were cast by one person. Elva Bettine soon swore out an affidavit stating whole villages turned in ballots written in the same handwriting. Multiple observers claimed ballot box stuffing had occurred or seemed likely. Although state election law requires a write-in candidate’s name to be spelled “as it appears on the write-in declaration of candidacy,” Murkowski-friendly politicians decided to ignore the law and accept an “intent of the voter” standard. This resulted in the absurdity of counting anti-Murkowski smears as votes for Murkowski. Floyd Brown was able to secure all these stories from his position on the ground in Alaska, at Joe Miller’s side. Only his firsthand knowledge allowed this website to break the story ahead of any other news outlet. Sadly, Floyd brown another story: incredibly, the national Republican Party turned its back on Miller and supported Murkowski behind the scenes, considering her a safe vote for the party’s leadership. However, even before her win was officially certified, Murkowski had gone rogue by opposing the earmarks ban (that was, after all, her chief campaign pledge); supporting the Obama administration on repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”; backing DREAM Act amnesty; and the START Treaty. Murkowski appears poised to morph into the next Lincoln Chafee. Republicans could have had a Cadillac but settled for a Lincoln. The tale Floyd Brown brought you from his front row seat should prove how entrenched the national political establishment is and how hard conservatives must fight to reclaim their own party. With Floyd and Mary Beth Brown on the case, the battle is joined.

3. The New Congress Will Consider Impeachment (story). In September, Floyd and Mary Beth Brown made big waves by writing: “The new Congress elected in November will surprise everyone. They will seriously consider impeaching Barack Obama.” The president, they note, stands accused of serious crimes in the Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff scandals, the use of illegal covert propaganda, and the Justice Department’s shameful denial of equal justice in the . However, the Constitution does not require the commission of crimes for removal from office. As Floyd Brown has noted, impeachment is the American people’s opportunity to remove any president from office for bad behavior. It is, I have written, the Constitution’s self-protection mechanism to remove any commander-in-chief whose actions contradict its clear and original intent. It seems inevitable that the coming avalanche of investigations into the administration’s malfeasance will uncover ample grounds for impeachment and removal from office. However, Floyd has done more than forecast the event; he has opened a website lobbying for that end. Click here to sign the petition to impeach Obama now.

2. Obama Will Rule by Executive Fiat in 2011 (story). Well before midterm elections, Barack Obama and his left-wing supported plotted a strategy to continue moving the country to the Left after they lost Congress. As I reported in October, their plans include bypassing Congress to rule by executive fiat. This was no alarmist notion; anonymous administration officials admitted as much to the Los Angeles Times. I noted this would take the form of a mad rush in the lame duck session of Congress followed by an endless stream of executive orders, federal regulations, federal lawsuits, selective enforcement of the law, and appeals to the United Nations. Before the lame duck session adjourned, Obama began ratcheting up the regulations on Net Neutrality, global warming, health insurance price controls, and ObamaCare end-of-life counseling. Once again, the mainstream conservative movement is playing catch-up. The threat of an imperial presidency run via regulation has been discovered by the Heritage Foundation, BigGovernment.com, and HotAir. Today’s lead story at National Review Online is Charles Krauthammer entitled, “Rule by Regulation.” This will prove a defining focus of the next two years — and whether Republicans have the resolve to hold this president accountable or will acquiesce to the destruction of the U.S. Constitution.

1. Obama Hauls Arizona Before the United Nations (original story; mirror). When the Obama administration agreed to submit the United States to UN Human Rights Council scrutiny, conservatives contented themselves to deride the move as another example of the president’s apology for his own country. They left it at that; I didn’t. Reviewing the Obama administration’s UNHRC report revealed a number of shocking discoveries, including its focus no domestic affairs such as card check union organizing and homosexual “marriage.” (See above.) However, most consequential its section on “Values and Immigration,” which boasted of the administration’s lawsuit against Arizona S.B. 1070, a bill that merely enforces existing federal law, which Obama is deliberately neglecting. This was intended to convince the UN panel of the administration’s progress toward in securing illegal immigrants’ human rights. This author was the first person to expose the administration’s unprecedented step of taking a U.S. court squabble before the UN. In turn, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer admitted she learned about Obama’s international condemnation by reading my article, written for this website. The governor’s language even echoed the opening of my own piece, that the president was not content to make a federal case out of S.B. 1070. UN condemnation would not lag far behind the report. In late September, an allied UN agency obliquely condemned Arizonans as “xenophobes and racists.” Ultimately a troika of nations, including human rights violator Cameroon, judged the United States. (More to come on the significance of their decision.)

These are the stories we brought you — first, verified, and ahead of the pack. Stay tuned for what 2011 brings.


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