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The Tea Party is Splintering, a Good Thing?


Photo credit: The Alex Jones Show (Creative Commons)

Ignoring the bully fringe only empowers them; when will we learn?

The Tea Party is splintering off into two parts. Not surprisingly, the mainstream media is not promoting this; they are especially fond of parading the most fringe to represent the Tea Party to the marginally informed general public. This is evidenced by Piers Morgan’s interview with Alex Jones, the conspiracy king. The vast majority of Tea Party participants will tell you they do not follow nor believe Alex Jones or his propaganda. His InfoWars site promotes UFOs, Chem trails, 911 “Truthers”, and other discredited conspiracies.

Alex Jones’s supporters are attempting to take over the Tea Party by infiltrating their social networks and groups. They are unwelcome guests who need to leave NOW! Even though a few of Alex’s far-fetched ideas are in fact true, this is no reason to buy into all of his extremism and paranoia.

The MSM has done a great job of portraying all Christians, in particular Baptists, as being represented by the Westboro Baptist Church. They will do the same to the TP if we do not draw attention to this matter and police our own. Ignoring bullies only empowers them!

News Flash: Al Gore = Alex Jones

Much the same as the radical left has taken over the Democrat Party, the plan by Alex and pals seems to be moving in and taking over the Tea Party. If anyone goes head to head with these conspiracy bullies, we are met with “GOP elitist” and “Neocon” labels. I guess Andrew Briebart would fit in both these categories according to those who know the facts before they are disseminated. Thank God for Ben Shapiro to come out and say it loud and clear!

Glenn Beck and Ben Shapiro have both distanced themselves from Alex Jones and his InfoWars site; I suggest the Tea Party make a concerted effort to do the same, before the Jones supporters take us down. Andrew Briebart was as close to a Tea Party leader as we have had; Ben Shapiro is now filling his shoes. This should be the path for the Tea Party to follow.

Fighting two fronts is tough, but the option is to be destroyed from within.

Thus the Tea Party has a two-pronged problem. 1) How to differentiate itself from the fringe, as Ben Shapiro did in his interview with Piers Morgan on CNN when he stated “ Do not lump me in with Alex Jones”. Glenn Beck took it a step further and called out Alex for what I believe he is, a “Madman.” 2) Getting the public, despite the left and the Mainstream Media’s attempt to lump us together, to see Alex Jones and his followers as not representative of the Tea Party, but rather a small, very vocal extremist group preying on the minds of the uninformed, gullible, or unstable.

The liberals are using this as their hammer against the Tea Party. As one Tea Party advocate put it, “Alex Jones is a well-disguised enemy of the Tea Party.”

This trend from the leaders of the Tea Party needs to continue: openly differentiate us from the madmen or prepare to be embarrassed, taken down by the left, and disappear. The radical left is counting on this; don’t play into their hands.

Photo credit: The Alex Jones Show (Creative Commons)

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