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Just like the aftermath at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7th, 1941 and the horrendous loss of life on the destruction of the Battleship U.S.S. Arizona which galvanized this nation and steeled our citizens for the war effort that followed this “dastardly” act of cowardice.  We flash forward to today. Once again, Arizona is leading the fight against tyranny and lending it’s namesake to the coming battle of political wills as we are being taken down the road to serfdom and the slavery of socialism by Obama.  The only thing we are missing is the battle cry “Remember Pearl Harbor and the Arizona.”

Obama has been willing to throw this entire State under the bus so that he could import the citizens from Mexico to keep his party’s “unholy alliance” with public employees and more importantly teachers unions and the dilemma of sagging student populations in inner city schools.  This of course is in no small thanks in part to the more mundane fascination liberals have with reducing minority representation in our society through infanticide, better known as abortion, which is both frenetic, conspiratorial, and duplicitous all at the same time.

That is, when he was not killing them outright when he allowed thousands of firearms to walk across the border into Mexico with Fast & Furious; well, I guess he is driving their citizens into our nation by force of arms for his unions pals.

He was not satisfied with only this outcome; after all, how dare that uppity governor Jan Brewer object to the “Great and Powerful Oz” (sorry, wrong story, since these citizens are bearing the brunt of this invasion from Mexico with increased violence due to human smuggling and drug trafficking along the border.) No, he was not happy with this at all, so he has started a concerted effort to bring them to heel.  He has unleashed the “Dogs of War” against the citizens of Arizona for this betrayal of his intended acts of favoritism and patronage for his supporters.  The opening salvos were fired when the state legislature dared to pass SB 1070, a law that allowed Arizona law enforcement officers to assist in the federal jurisdiction of capturing illegal aliens by verifying their status when they were stopped or questioned for violations of Arizona law.  This law was just heard by SCOTUS, and a decision is expected next month; the arguments suggest that parts of the law if not the entire law will be upheld.

As a corollary to this, Irving, Texas has had a similar program for the last 10 years where every person who is arrested has their citizenship verified with about 45% to 55% being found to be illegal aliens, with nary a peep out of Obama about this program.  ICE continues to support and congratulate Irving for their assistance in this effort.

Not to be outdone, Obama and the vast array of governmental oppression available to him has taken issue with Tombstone Arizona over their water supply.  Many a range war has been started over water in the arid west, so I cannot imagine a more brutal way in which to bring these citizens to heel than let them wither due to parched throats and dehydration. Obama is now claiming that the federal government has superior rights to the water in the west as shown by his latest actions from an article published by WND:

“Federal water rights are entitled to a form of protection that is broader than what may be provided to similarly situated state law rights holders,” states a letter from Julie Decker, the deputy state director in the U.S. Department of the Interior to the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

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