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Imagine what it must feel like to be the only person in the world selectively excluded from participating in the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, an event designed to pray for the nation’s future.

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That’s what was reported about me by the George Soros slander machine Media Matters while I was out of the country last week.

It’s a helpless feeling to fight such a false allegation when you have limited access to Internet and you are committed to travel and other obligations for over a week.

What’s worse is when the lie is shamefully repeated, without any efforts to seek comment or clarification, by other news organizations, including the Christian Post. I would have thought this Christian news organization had heard of the sins of bearing false witness and spreading malicious gossip.

Fortunately, as I returned to the states yesterday, the organizers of the event issued a total repudiation of the article.

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 Read More at WND . By Joseph Farah.

cvrcak1 (Creative Commons)

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