By Nicole Russell

Newspaper SC

Minnesota’s most liberal newspaper, the Star Tribune, filed for bankruptcy a few months ago. Excuse me while I stop writing and do the happy dance for a moment. It’s not that I wish the writers, editors, photographers, and other staff of the paper ill will. On the contrary; I grew up reading the Strib. Despite its flaws, the paper elicits a bit of childhood nostalgia. More than that, I don’t wish an unplanned job search on anyone in this economy.
But soon-to-be displaced Strib employees are now clinging to the sinking newspaper’s last life preserver. Earlier this month, a group of them launched SavetheStrib, a website designed to help them find a new owner for their “essential community resource too valuable to lose.” In addition to their pleas for help, they’ve proposed a new business model, one that Minnesotan and Hot Air blogger Ed Morissey said “would certainly set off screeches of class-warfare howling in the Strib’s editorial section if any other corporation tried it.”

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