The Secret Life of Barack Obama


Tabloids sometimes get the story right, such as when the National Enquirer exposed the love child of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. But its sister publication, the National Examiner (also published by American Media Inc.) has a real dud on its hands in the case of Mondo Frazier’s new book, The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama, which is promoted on the cover of the November 21 issue that is screaming at people in the supermarket check-out lines.

This “scrupulously researched” book, according to the book flap, includes such “eye-opening” revelations as that of a female “Obama associate,” who allegedly spent a night with Obama and then “moved to the Caribbean, where it was whispered that she was involved in overseeing a mysterious fund-raising apparatus.”

Frazier’s bio says he has “written and edited for a variety of publications, including the Official Racing Program & News,” and is the “founder/editor/writer of” It is not clear what the “Official Racing Program & News” is all about.

One thing is certain: his own website describes itself as “The WORLDWIDE LEADER in WEIRD,” which is certainly true. The book is also weird.

Underneath photos of “Stars Without Makeup!,” the cover of the Frazier book is featured on the National Examiner and trumpets “news” about Obama’s alleged arrest in Russia, “his strange CIA cover-up,” and his “sinister Pakistan ties” going back 30 years. But a quick look finds that Frazier relies on Wayne Madsen for the claims of Obama’s CIA ties. Madsen is the propagandist for Russian TV who has been making the rounds alleging that Obama may be a secret CIA operative. Such fanciful and easily discounted claims have the effect of diverting attention away from Obama’s communist and socialist connections, which is where the scrutiny should be applied.

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