The Rise of the ‘Right-Wing Nuts’


by Bobby Eberle, GOP USA

Apparently, there is a large, underground movement occurring in America… one that has the far left shaking and fearful. It is the rise of the “right-wing nut.”

According to the liberal media, free speech is only free if a liberal is attacking a conservative. David Letterman can tell sex “jokes” about Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter, and all is fine. However, if Sarah Palin and others try to enlighten America on the dangers of government control, we are all labeled as “nuts.” Are you ready to join the club?

Last Thursday, I wrote about the fact that Not All ‘Crazies’ are Created Equal. If someone kills an abortion doctor, that is big news. If a crazy, old man goes into the Holocaust Museum and kills a security guard, that is big news. But if a Muslim extremist goes to an Army recruiting station and kills a soldier, that is no big deal. That is how the media covered recent stories.

Following the shooting at the museum, left-wing “journalists” came out of the woodwork to paint the incident as some kind of larger movement among members of the “far right.” It didn’t matter to the media that this man has been unstable for decades… long before Obama came onto the scene. If they can group all of us together as “wackos,” they will do it. Actually, this guy was more of a left-wing nut (a 9-11 conspiracy “truther”), but you wouldn’t know that from the media.

It is not only their coverage of events that they slant, but it is conservative reaction to events that they use for additional ammunition. Frustrated at government bailouts? Upset with trillions more dollars of debt? Concerned about government control of the financial sector, General Motors, and possibly the health care industry? If so, then you are like me… but you are also a target of the media. Just take a look at this clip:


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