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The Return of the ‘Radical Repubicans’


History is indeed repeating itself with the current statement by Jim Messina Obama’s campaign manager calling Paul Ryan a “radical Republican.” The last time this term reverberated so loudly through the Capital and the nation was during the troubled times leading up to the Civil War and during reconstruction after the war (1854 to 1877). 

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are on the right side of history when the Democrats are using this “hallowed” term once again. The Republicans gave this nation back its rightful heritage, washed away the sins of slavery, and cleansed the stain against the nations honor by bringing “freedom” to an enslaved people.

All during this time the Democrats both before and after the war continually engaged in behavior that disenfranchised the nation’s slaves from their basic human right to freedom. Their objections used the language of “states rights” which opposed any thought of the abolition of slavery as the economic system in the South was literally built on the backs of “free labor” by slaves.

How sweet this sound is that this derogatory term once again reverberates through Congress and heralds the righteousness of their cause to bring “freedom” once again to the nation. This time from the economic bondage from the Democrats ruinous policies, that is destroying our economy and making enemies of her people based solely on their income and beliefs. Brought to us by Obama and the Democrats social agenda to remake the nation into a vision that is contrary to our American way of life and throwing us back to the 1800’s and the rights of a privileged elitist class to rule over us.

This statement by Jim Messina is a portent that we may very well see troubled times ahead until the torch of freedom is lit once again in the White House and Capital; but make no mistake about it God has shone favor upon this nation, will we see it for what it is.

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