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The Reason for Celebration on this 4th of July


236 years ago, America was born and later became the most blessed nation on the face of the earth. America was born because 56 men were willing to put their lives, their fortunes (those that had one), their honor, and their reputations on the line for true liberty and freedom. They knew that if this rebellion that they had fermented failed, they would all die at the hands of the British. Britain did not accept rebellion lightly. The British government had tried to intrude in every aspect of their lives, and these men finally had enough.

Those 56 men (and some very patriotic women) convinced their fellow settlers that freedom from tyranny was worth ANY price, even the cost of life itself. Not knowing where this new experiment would lead them, at least they knew where continued compliance would result in. They could choose to live as free people on their feet, or be subjects on their knees to tyranny. They faced the most formidable army in the world, the best trained, the best armed, and the most experienced, as well as the strongest naval forces afloat. What made them think that they, nothing more than a ragtag bunch of farmers with all manner of firearms, could accomplish anything against such a master?

They had nothing but their will, their dreams, and a yearning to be the masters of their own destinies. They started out with no allies, no supplies, no uniforms, and no leadership, and still they fought, and sacrificed, and died. They continued on when everything told them that their situation was hopeless, and yet the fire in their souls would not be quenched; they fought on. Men with no shoes, bloody feet, and very little to eat survived through that brutal winter, and the next, and the next until one day they realized that they had won.

America’s enemies have learned the hard way that we do not bode fools lightly. Our blood and treasure have been spent on every shore across this great big world in defense of America and freedom-loving people everywhere. Through the generations, good men and women were willing to put themselves in harm’s way to make sure that the next generation of Americans would be able to taste the same degree of freedom that they and their forefathers had enjoyed. I know this personally because I had a 19-yr. old uncle who gave his life in the Korean War. All my mother’s brothers and my dad were servicemen and served honorably.

So, Independence Day is a remembrance of how blessed we were as a nation. A time to reflect back on those we loved and those we never knew other than through the history books, who gave so much of themselves so that we would remain free…….until now. We used to be proud of our heritage, our achievements, our prosperity, and our standing in the world. We were once proud of how tolerant we were of other people’s beliefs and values, and we welcomed them here to America to enjoy the sweet life of liberty as God had protected and blessed us.

Our founders had the one thing that we have lost that made America great: our reverence and gratitude to God Almighty for His grace. We threw God out of our schools, public squares, our courts, and our prayers, maybe not as individuals, but as a nation. We allowed the wanton destruction of God’s greatest gift to us: our unborn children. We allowed our government to slowly take the place of our God who provided for us and protected us. We accepted immorality without so much as a whimper of protest. We no longer pray and ask God for our provision; instead, we give praise to the USDA for their “food stamp” program.

Our politicians make promises with their mouth that are nothing but lies, but we prefer that to God’s truth and the physical evidence of what the Almighty has done for this country until a few short years ago. Freedom is not free, but in our own self-centered materialist world, we have forgotten that. We no longer put our hands together in prayer; instead, we hold them out looking for the next handout from the government. We no longer shine among the nations of the world because our leaders are weak and ungodly. We have become a debtor nation rapidly headed for chains of financial slavery to our enemies if we continue on the way we are.

America is NOT a lost cause YET, but we need to think about what our forefathers sacrificed to give us what we have so badly abused. We need to put away our human arrogance and ask God to forgive our nation for what we have allowed to happen here! Americans need to ask themselves if their children really don’t matter anymore. Do we still have the fire in our belly to be the keepers of a very special kind of liberty, or do we let it die upon the altar of apathy? Are we going to be remembered as the children of the greatest generation, or are we going to vanish from history as immoral fools?

Remember this holiday that when you look at that flag of ours, that God Himself gave us this land! Are we really going to watch it die without a fight?

One more thing. The hardest thing that I’ll ask you to do in this fight to take back our country is to get yourself up out of your chair and go vote! You don’t have to worry about putting your reputation, your honor, or your life out there, but you do have to “step out” for the sake of your freedom. May God give you the wisdom to know what to do when you get there.

Photo credit: Roger Smith (Creative Commons)

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