The Real War on Women


A popular meme claims there is a “War on Women” in America. Unlike an actual conflict, this conflagration takes on as many metamorphoses as there are maniacs to proclaim it is occurring. For thinking individuals, “feminism” means equal rather than identical. Yet the only thinking done in this mêlée is the degree to which everyone thinks their opinion is right.

All of the following have been considered proof positive of one’s hatred of the fairer sex:

• Believing a woman should pay for her own contraceptives, make her significant other pay for them, or simply abstain from sexual relations altogether means you abhor women.

• Believing a woman who goes through more than five boxes of prophylactics (approximately 60 condoms) in a month (roughly $30 worth) is more than likely a whore or sexual deviant means you do not disdain that particular woman but all women everywhere.

• Believing whether you agree with their dogma or not, certain religions should not be made to subsidize the sexual behavior (or nymphomania) of others is clear indication of your animosity toward women.

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Photo Credit: naralprochoiceamerica (Creative Commons)


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