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The Real “Game Change” of 2008… Drudge Goes In the Tank for Obama


It is totally understandable that hard core conservatives would like nothing more than for Andrew Breitbart’s shocking death to have some sort of larger meaning. The fulfillment of his promise that college tapes of Barack Obama will insure that he will finally be “vetted” during the 2012 election would certainly achieve that desire.

However, I have been warning conservatives not to get their hopes up. There was never any chance whatsoever that this fantasy would come to fruition. There is also a fascinating story behind Breitbart’s post-death “Obama vetting series,” which, incredibly, has never been told. The real reason Breitbart was so focused on “vetting” Obama in 2012 is that he was prevented from doing so in 2008 by the internet’s undisputed king, Matt Drudge (and yes, I can/will prove it).

The videos Breitbart promised are now being released, but as someone who not long ago knew Andrew and his playbook as well as any of his many friends and associates, I am quite confident that they will have zero impact on the election and may even help Obama.

First of all, since he has already been president for four years, there is nothing that Obama could possibly have said in college that the mainstream media will deem remotely relevant, no matter how “explosive” the tapes may be. We all know that the media is absurdly protective of him to begin with and comments from college years can be far too easily dismissed as the “experimentations of youth.”

Anything which exposes Obama as a legitimate socialist/radical (frankly, I think we already have enough information to conclude that), may have helped in 2008 when the American public didn’t know him, but it will have zero effect in 2012 when he has been president for four years and is perceived mostly a having governed as a moderate liberal.

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