The Race to Define Ryan


Obama and the mainstream media are salivating over the opportunity to define (i.e., smear) Paul Ryan to a national public that knows relatively little about him. Ilya Somin of The Volokh Conspiracy quotes John Sides and Lynn Vavreck:
A series of polls done by YouGov for the Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project suggests that most people have never heard of Paul Ryan before today. In several polls since April 28, YouGov has asked a representative sample of 1,000 people if they have heard of Ryan and to rate him in terms of favorability. This gives us a large sample on which to base this analysis.
Over the last several months, roughly 43% of Americans report that they have never heard of Paul Ryan. In mid-July, 52% could not even make a guess as to whether Ryan was a member of the House, the Senate, was Secretary of State, or was a Governor (32% got it right). Republicans are more likely to know that Ryan was a member of the House-42% of Republicans knew this, compared to 29% of Democrats and 34% of independents.

Peggy Shapiro comments:
43% of Americans had never heard of Paul Ryan? I am shocked that 57% had. Can 57% of Americans name the 3 branches of government, the chief justice of the Supreme Court or their state senators? I doubt it. Considering what Americans don’t know, Paul Ryan is wildly popular. 2010 Poll
· 2/3 of Americans cannot name any U.S. Supreme Court Justices.
· Only one percent of those polled could name all nine Justices

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