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Breaking: Obama Wanted To Blame The Military If bin Laden Mission Went Wrong



When he was asked about his “fears” of being seen as the new Jimmy Carter if the kill bin Laden operation failed the way Carter’s Operation Eagle Claw had, Barack Obama didn’t hesitate in his answer.
“I thought about it,” he “admitted” as he acknowledged there would be “political ramifications” that could ruin his chances of reelection if the bin Laden mission had been a disaster. Nevertheless, the Prince of Frauds stressed, “There were doubts voiced in the Situation Room. But there was no doubt in my head.”
According to the “official narrative” Barack Obama was the one who fought off the fears of a political disaster voiced by other “less courageous” Democrats and “did the right thing” without regard for politics. What a man! What a leader! What a liar!
Now he’s Ike
As long as we have been plagued with this fake, Obama has tired to convince us he was someone else. Being an empty suit and basically the creation of political operatives will do that. Remember when he was FDR for a while? Then he was Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt? This time the Prince of Frauds is trying to be Dwight Eisenhower – not as president but – as Commander in Chief of the D Day invasion of Europe. Didn’t that blithering fool Joe Biden try saying that (he stopped when people wouldn’t stop laughing)?
Comparing the pusillanimous Obama to an actual man, any actual man, is bad enough but making him out to be equal to Eisenhower is outrageous!

The only commonality Obama and Ike have in regards to commanding a military mission is that both were prepared to point at the guilty party in case the mission failed.

Eisenhower was prepared to take the blame as evidenced by a note he wrote before D Day. Eisenhower wrote:
“The troops, the air and the Navy did all that Bravery and devotion to duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.”

On the other hand , according to an op-ed from former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Obama had his lawyers draw up a memo blaming the courageous SEAL Team if the mission had failed.

The Prince of Frauds never takes responsibility for anything that goes wrong on his watch. Nothing he touches remains undefiled.

By Kevin “Coach” Collins, Coach Is Right

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