The ‘Pre-Existing Condition’ Hoax in ObamaTax



We are told that one of the most “popular” features of the president’s signature “ObamaTax” health insurance law is one that prevents health insurance companies from denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. The left has managed to convince some people that ObamaTax is the protector of individuals who have been denied health insurance coverage because of a pre-diagnosed medical condition.

We are told that the ObamaTax will protect Americans with pre-existing conditions from nasty big health insurers, while Republicans and conservatives shrug their shoulders in “let them eat cake” fashion. Forget about the fact that the premise of the left’s presentation is totally false, as it often is, since big health insurers and hospitals are loving ObamaTax because it will channel federal funds right to their doorsteps.

The truth is that, while a definite problem has prevailed for those with pre-existing medical conditions who have attempted to obtain health insurance coverage, that problem is small and manageable and can be adequately addressed with common-sense free market solutions. Most people, regardless of political ideology, want all Americans to be able to purchase health insurance coverage and gain access to care. The difference is not in the desire but in the policies that will get the job done. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have been successful in this endeavor to date.

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