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America has chosen another four years of President Obama, and I’m glad it’s over; but what led to his victory? This presidential campaign has been the most malicious in our history. Mitt Romney is a good man, and I hope David Axelrod is proud of himself. I’m reminded of how divided this country is; but this is just one election, and we need to keep things in perspective.

It will be interesting to see how far to the left the Obama administration will take us in the next four years. As Christians, one thing we need to remember is that we’re not without help and hope, and God is always with us. In His sovereignty, God has allowed Barack Obama to be president for another term. Perhaps it’s what we need to humble us; or maybe it’s what we deserve, and this is part of His judgment. I’ve been telling friends that this is as God would have it. In His mercy, He is shaking us and giving us yet another wake-up call. How will we respond?

A Christian woman messaged me early this morning, telling me she bought a few copies of my new book and said, “We may have lost that battle, but we won’t lose the war.” We need to remember that Jesus Christ’s return is nearer, and the ultimate victory is everlasting life for those whose faith is in Him. Since we are in the midst of a war for souls, there will be many more battles for America.

What are some things that led up to the perfect political storm for Obama to be re-elected?

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The Media: I have never in my life seen the media practically campaign for a politician as I’ve witnessed this year. Journalism has fallen to a new low; and according to Pew Research, today’s media has the lowest level of the people’s trust in American history. They have protected the Obama administration on Fast and Furious, on broken promises, Solyndra, and other stimulus failures. They have minimized the failing economy, including unemployment, record deficits, and spending; record food stamps and government reliance, and turning our back on Israel.

Since Obama could not run on his record, the media attacked Romney and the Republicans, swaying just enough uninformed Americans to win. Obama did, however, offer people free stuff. Plus, the media covered his gaffes. According to Media Research Director Rich Noyes: “After the president in a June 8 press conference declared that ‘the private sector is doing fine,’ the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts gave it just one night’s coverage, then basically dropped the story.” Obama was wrong – there are 23 million unemployed in America. It’s the public sector that is doing fine.

Benghazi: Swift action would have been taken, and a Republican administration would have been grilled and questioned non-stop over the assassination of four Americans, including our U.S. Ambassador in Libya. Facts would have been reported immediately; but instead of an “October Surprise,” the networks campaigning for Obama successfully performed what Rich Noyes calls “October Suppression.” The Obama White House knew within 24 hours that the deadly attack was planned and coordinated; it was not a spontaneous protest over a stupid video. But uninformed Americans fell for the cover-up. Americans died. The White House lied.

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