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The Obama Administration Is Dangerously Inept

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The condition of this administration would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous to the life of our country. I have never seen a more corrupt or inept administration. Even Jimmy Carter’s automatons weren’t this bad. Add to that the vindictiveness of the government agencies like the IRS, NSA, and EPA, and you have a recipe for repression of the facts and the American people. If you don’t agree with what the administration is doing, and you voice your opinion, you can expect to be audited by the IRS, investigated by the FBI, and regulated by the EPA until you feel the heel of the government on your throat. It is hard to speak up when someone is strangling you or your family.

Obama and his advisors in the White House,  all the Senators and Congressmen, lawyers, and Supreme Court judges are misleading the public.  They keep referring to our government as a democracy, “which means the majority rule.”  But our Pledge of Allegiance tells us otherwise. The word “democracy” is not mentioned once in the Declaration of Independence or even in the the US Constitution.

Even James Madison in the Federalist Papers recognized that a pure democracy would be short- lived and result in violence upon its demise, which is happening in Egypt as we speak. Under democracy, mob rule happens, then anarchy, then tyranny under Oligarchy. America was founded as a federation of sovereign states, built on the principles of the Declaration of Independence, which asserts the God-given right of members of a federation to secede from the group should it become oppressive. That was our justification for seceding from the British Empire. In later American history, this has been referred to as  “states rights”. This right was carried to an extreme in the run-up to the Civil War. The right applied to the federation of states, which at that time in 1860 was the Union. It did not give any one state or group of states permission to disassociate themselves from the rest of the federation or Union. As President Lincoln aptly put it, “A nation divided will not stand”.

The American form of government is a Republic for that very reason. The power rests with the people and is loaned to those we elect to represent our interests as a governmental body.  We can survive as free individuals only if there are levels of local sovereignty that are mutually respected both up and down the ladder and laterally among equals.

If we don’t wake up soon, it will be too late to regain control of the country. The Liberal Left is using the media to shield Obama and his administration from scrutiny. Our news media is no longer free to question the government, which is what it is supposed to do. Liberal journalists who question Obama are branded racists and expelled.

Liberals ignore the Constitution and demand that you believe what they are saying, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. If the government is caught in a lie, which it has been on several different occasions, it says “ooops!” The next thing you know, something is happening that gets the attention of the media, and the OOOPS is forgotten. Even when the administration threatens our First and Second Amendment rights, the press ignores it. They would rather report on what Kanye West has named his baby, for example.

The Muslim vs. Catholic argument that the administration is putting forward now is just a distraction. Their plan is to convert our society into a Socialist economy with a Communist form of government. Obama said it before his election. He said “I intend on transforming our government,” and he is. That is what the youth corps is all about. The Government wants to capture the youth starting from kindergarten. Now our children are learning how good the government is starting in kindergarten and continuing through their formative years, ending up in College. Once there, they are being directed where the government thinks they can do the most good.

If the government controls the mind of the youth, it can establish whatever type of government it sees fit without any objection from the mindless masses it created. Does this sound familiar? It should because it was instituted in 1936 by Adolf Hitler, and the people of Germany loved him for it. Hitler’s Youth Corps was the model for government control of the masses. First, he had the youth tour the countryside, singing to the populace about the homeland. Then he had them report back on the activities of their parents to make sure everyone was loyal to the Fuhrer. Once he had confiscated all the firearms from the populace, if they resisted, they were dragged out of their houses in the middle of the night and put in Concentration Camps.

If parents give up their right to teach morals and discipline to their children, then they can expect the government to fill the vacuum and use it to their advantage to accomplish what they think is best for the country they have created.

I am not suggesting that the Tea Party or any other Conservative group forms its own party. That would be a mistake. The division in the ranks would assure the liberal left a victory every time. Rather, what I am suggesting is that all the Conservative groups come together to fundamentally transform the Republican Party back to where the Founding Fathers envisioned it to begin with.

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