The New York Times Helped Build the Wall


New York Times

As freedom-lovers throughout the world celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the freedom-lovers at the New York Times, if there are any, have to be reflecting on that paper’s own role in the Wall’s construction.

As it happens, no English-speaker was more responsible for the savage sprawl of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain that reinforced it than the Times’ own ace reporter, Walter Duranty.

In November 1933, the one-legged reporter had come to Washington, D.C. from Moscow to witness President Roosevelt officially recognize the Soviet Union. Duranty knew, and everyone else knew, that were it not for his reporting, the President would never have pushed for recognition.

After the event, FDR sought out this now-famed correspondent and asked him, “Don’t you think it’s a good job?” Duranty did indeed.

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