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The Nation’s In Major Trouble – But Sign Obama’s B-Day Card


The Democrat Party Just Doesn’t Get It

While this country is in such trouble, the Obama campaign is asking people to sign Obama’s birthday card. I guess this is what a campaign does when there is nothing good on a candidate’s record by which to run on.

But it is so ironic that these ads to sign his birthday card are showing up next to online articles that tell how awful his record has been.

I was reading a New York Times article about how ObamaCare is going to cause a shortage of doctors in this country. And to the right of the article was this ad of the Obama family all in smiles, asking you to wish Obama a happy birthday and to sign his card. The first thing I thought was how they look like the airhead family, totally oblivious to just how bad a “president” he has been.

While many citizens are facing terrible financial troubles, largely due to Obama, we are being asked to wish him a happy birthday? And this is not to mention what he has done to the integrity of our nation by coming out in favor of homosexual marriage, furthering abortion, and by bowing to foreign leaders. They have got to be kidding. Seriously, I hope his birthday sucks.

Debra J.M. Smith 07-30-12

Photo credit: Nick Douglas (Creative Commons)

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