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“The Nation” is terrified of Paul Ryan


I’ll bet you didn’t know that conservative enthusiasm for the Mitt Romney Paul Ryan ticket is an illusion; or that it is actually the Republicans that steal elections through manipulation of voter turnout using (gulp!) photo ID!

How about this – those polls you see showing voters like Romney/Ryan’s economic plans – THEY ARE ALL FAKE! The hundreds of thousands of people going to Chick-fil-A? – not real! Because the CFA buildings are all alike the CONSERVATIVE news media showed us B roll of the same 34 customers telling us they were seen all across the country!

Because of his Medicare plan down ballot Republican are afraid to run with Paul Ryan on the top of their ticket (and presumably down ballot Democrats will be falling all over themselves to have Barack Obama show up and campaign for them – just as they did in the 2010 election cycle which actually never happened and the Democrats are still in charge of the House. The 56/38 public sentiment AGAINST Obamacare isn’t true either, it’s just comes from a bunch of fixed polls designed to trick Americans out of a program they love.

Where do all these political gems come from? They are brought to us by the frieghtened to death sputtering and stammering gang at “The Nation.”

“The Nation” is churning out every old lie they can think of including “Bush was selected not elected” – the demonstratively false charge that somehow even after a cabal of foaming at the mouth liberal groups proved was false still makes liberals feel better about losing a huge 14 point mid-summer lead to a “Cowboy” – those old enough should think “Alger His was not a Communist.” According to the self delusional author of a recent article the fact that the polls show Ryan is popular mean nothing except that they will provide cover for Republicans to steal the election. According to this “logic” stealing the election will be the ONLY way Republicans can regain the White House since people obviously love the way Barack Obama and his sidekick Uncle Chuckles have run the country into the ground for the last three years.

Now for some reality: there is no one on the Right who is not looking forward to the Vice Presidential debate. The comparison of Rayn and the addlebrained Joe Biden will be startling. The Left and the GOPe are scared frustarted and upset that Mitt Romney had the nerve to pick a genuine asset as his VP now they can both live with it.

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