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The Modern Leftist Progressive Politician and His Propensity for Arrogance


As a nation, we are faced with a moral dilemma of our collective conscious, which we have never seen before as our politicians continue to serve up ever more unsavory bits of tyranny in bite size pieces for the sake of security.  In the not-too-distant past, all American children were given an identity of belonging to a moral society comprised of individuals that were shaped by their own desires unencumbered by societal rank or privilege other than what one’s own wealth or aspiration could acquire for themselves or their family.  We accomplished this through public education and pride of purpose as demonstrated to each of us in a practical manner in our own families as we conducted the mundane duties of life on a daily basis.

This simple belief has been corrupted by the purveyors of liberal and progressive thought, particularly the wholesale abrogation of the concept of “American Exceptionalism” which had been our guiding “moral imperative” prior to the modern era.  The modern era started after WWII, and with it began the process of the diluting our national character which allowed the encroachment of other philosophies into our national identity as a free and able people.  As a nation, we have always corrected ourselves when we strayed too far from our founding principles.

The abolition of slavery and civil rights legislation speaks volumes to this self correcting course programmed into our government and identity based upon our founding principles, as enumerated in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence and practiced by our citizens.

Prior to this gradual change in philosophy, we described ourselves with the concept of a “Melting Pot”,  symbolized by the Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum (“Out of Many–One”.)  We believe so wholeheartedly in this principle that we print this motto on our currency; it gives credence and support to our identity as a free and able people.  We are now faced with a re-definition of our identity as a deliberate and cruel hoax perpetrated by the progressive liberal left described as a “rainbow coalition” as they fully embrace the separatism of multiculturalism.

This definition is accepted at face value without question by many in our society as a modern symbol of this corrupt reinterpretation and ultimate rejection of the melting pot concept.  Rainbows are nothing more than light that has been broken down into their individual wavelengths separated by the various colors of the visible light spectrum.  These colors never mix with distinct boundaries; rainbows are anything but harmonious and represent separatism on a physical level for visible light.  This is in direct contradiction to our founding societal concept of “out of many–one” and only further divides us as a distinct and exceptional people since the “melting pot” is homogenous, and rainbows as symbols are the very definition of separatism and exclusion.  This interferes with the absorption of émigrés into our national identity and the homogenizing force that the melting pot creates.  We are simply an American collective identity or “Brand” of a free and able people that believe in self-rule and rule of law.

We have now set the stage for the introduction of the Demopath, described below:

Demopaths are people who use democratic language and invoke human rights only when it serves their interests, and not when it calls for self-criticism or self-restraint. Demopaths demand stringent levels of human “rights” but do not apply these basic standards for the “other” to their own behavior. The most lethal demopaths use democratic rights to destroy democracy.

Demopaths are a product of democratic governments; if one were to draw a corollary to their existence in modern times, it would be Adolph Hitler as an extremely capable practitioner.  If I were to choose one all-encompassing entity or group in our nation that typifies this definition, it would be the progressive left that has infiltrated the current Democratic Party membership; they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This also explains the left’s fascination with multiculturalism as just another way to keep the people in this nation divided and more easily controlled.  The Roman Empire’s axiom of “Divide and Conquer” exemplified by the conquests of Julius Caesar is never more true than as practiced by today’s Democrats as they collect and separate their constituents by sex, race, income, creed, religion, and sexual preference.  Another concept we need to bring forth and explore is Moral Egocentrism courtesy of Wikipedia which is described below:

An egocentric person cannot fully empathize, i.e. “put himself in other peoples’ shoes”. Egocentrics believe everyone should see what they see or that what they see, in some way, exceeds what most other people can see, i.e. “how I see the world now is how the world is”. To them, any different perception than their own is either considered false or non existent.

This is a predicate definition before we move on to our next concept and attempts to understand and quantify the enigma of the prevalent liberal progressive thought that pervades Washington and the nation these days.  Their beliefs primarily encompass the concept of “fairness” that they see as lacking in the governance of our society and unjust regardless of how the world or our free market capitalist system actually operates and the unequal outcomes it produces.  Also look at the arrogance and vitriol exhibited towards their opponents.  Everyone is not a winner, so the system is labeled as unfair!  While we are at it, we need to define the concept of Liberal Cognitive Egocentrism, another component that is needed to understand the current state of dissonance of the progressive left and is shown below:

The projection of good faith and fair-mindedness onto others, the assumption that “other” shares the same human values, that everyone prefers positive sum interactions. In a slightly more redemptive mode, LCE holds that all people are good, and if only we treat them right, they will respond well. This is a form of empathy that projects onto rather than detects what the “other” feels.

Using this as a working definition explains how most liberals are able to continue in their mistaken belief that if we appease and enter into a dialog with entities that wish our destruction, they will change their perspective(s) towards us.  This certainly takes us farther down the road to explain the progressive liberal’s thought process and conversely the beliefs and actions of Obama and his administration’ss constant petting and preening of Islam, Palestinians in Gaza, Iran, China, and North Korea.  It is their belief that they can be assuaged if we only try and believe enough to the detriment of our Allies like Israel and Great Britain, who are pushed to the side.

This will be perceived as weakness and a corruption of our moral center and will only harden and embolden their posture and stance towards us. It also will be used to justify whatever action they may take against us now or in the future, more so for Muslim nations.

This leads to confusion on the part of their opponents (and most Americans as well), as they have a difficult time reconciling their behavior that is contradictory to their speech about what they profess to actually believe.

This phenomenon is exemplified by Obama calling for a cessation of inflammatory rhetoric after Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s shooting last year.  The reality of countless deaths due to the illegal acts of the ATF and the DOJ in Fast & Furious is of no consequence to him or his administration.  These deaths simply do not matter, are another manifestation of Demopathy, and are simply chocked up to collateral damage by their practitioner(s).  This has the effect of creating a vacuum in the “moral imperative” for just thought, deed, and action in this nation (as well as the world in general.)

Whether Obama and his supporters realize this or not, the developing nations and people of this world look to America for guidance. However, this does not mean that we need to directly support them with monetary contributions. When America as a nation no longer outwardly supports our founding principles, this leads to instability in the world whether our politicians like it or not. Regardless of whether they even understand or want this role, it has been cast for us by our founders.

Obama is a Demopath in the truest sense of the word with his continued unbridled spending without end. He lacks fiscal responsibility, given the precipitous drop in collection of tax revenues in this economic “Depression”; this is self defeating as well as destabilizing.  It is also prima facie evidence for this behavior since it leads to our own destruction, bringing us ever closer to absolute tyranny and dictatorship.  Obama also manifests traits of moral egocentrism with his intolerance of other viewpoints, which are dismissed out of hand since they do not fit his view of the world for himself or our nation.  However, for me, it is his recent declaration that he can order the summary execution of Citizens without Due Process of law that is the clincher.  Never before has any President ever declared that they had the right to order and summarily execute any citizen, secret panels, and whatever legal artifice he proposes and employed!

It is simply an abrogation of our 4th and 5th Amendment rights to due process of law and it is rotting the very foundation of our moral imperative and national identity.  Obama’s brazen disregard for our founding documents and principles only bolsters his propensity to allow and condone lawlessness as our nation’s chief executive.  If we were to also factor in Justiagate, election fraud in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Fast & Furious, and the sequestering of all documents that provide Obama’s bona fides, we have the complete picture of a modern “Progressive Demopath.“  The rule of law only applies to the other guy, not to him as a true practitioner of demopathy!

While it may never be proven that Obama was responsible for these high crimes and misdemeanors, he certainly has been the benefactor of their outcomes and should in all good conscious resign if he has even an infinitesimal amount or an iota of integrity.  I will not hold my breath for that day and hour to arrive.

These actions by our liberal progressive friends are simply due to errors of perception and critical and cognitive thinking.  They are also heavily influenced by emotional connotations and arguments which are gamed to distort the facts and push the progressive left’s faulty agenda. This agenda lacks any moral premise consistent with our collective moral imperative or national identity as defined in our founding principles.

As a Nation of free and able people, it is imperative that we collectively decide to reject the progressive liberal’s redefinition of our identity and restore the concept of “E Pluribus Unum” once again.  This will allow us to willingly take our rightful place to stand as a truly noble nation, a beacon for liberty, freedom, and justice for the world to emulate and quite frankly envy!


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