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As a nation, we are faced with a moral dilemma of our collective conscious, which we have never seen before as our politicians continue to serve up ever more unsavory bits of tyranny in bite size pieces for the sake of security.  In the not-too-distant past, all American children were given an identity of belonging to a moral society comprised of individuals that were shaped by their own desires unencumbered by societal rank or privilege other than what one’s own wealth or aspiration could acquire for themselves or their family.  We accomplished this through public education and pride of purpose as demonstrated to each of us in a practical manner in our own families as we conducted the mundane duties of life on a daily basis.

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This simple belief has been corrupted by the purveyors of liberal and progressive thought, particularly the wholesale abrogation of the concept of “American Exceptionalism” which had been our guiding “moral imperative” prior to the modern era.  The modern era started after WWII, and with it began the process of the diluting our national character which allowed the encroachment of other philosophies into our national identity as a free and able people.  As a nation, we have always corrected ourselves when we strayed too far from our founding principles.

The abolition of slavery and civil rights legislation speaks volumes to this self correcting course programmed into our government and identity based upon our founding principles, as enumerated in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence and practiced by our citizens.

Prior to this gradual change in philosophy, we described ourselves with the concept of a “Melting Pot”,  symbolized by the Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum (“Out of Many–One”.)  We believe so wholeheartedly in this principle that we print this motto on our currency; it gives credence and support to our identity as a free and able people.  We are now faced with a re-definition of our identity as a deliberate and cruel hoax perpetrated by the progressive liberal left described as a “rainbow coalition” as they fully embrace the separatism of multiculturalism.

This definition is accepted at face value without question by many in our society as a modern symbol of this corrupt reinterpretation and ultimate rejection of the melting pot concept.  Rainbows are nothing more than light that has been broken down into their individual wavelengths separated by the various colors of the visible light spectrum.  These colors never mix with distinct boundaries; rainbows are anything but harmonious and represent separatism on a physical level for visible light.  This is in direct contradiction to our founding societal concept of “out of many–one” and only further divides us as a distinct and exceptional people since the “melting pot” is homogenous, and rainbows as symbols are the very definition of separatism and exclusion.  This interferes with the absorption of émigrés into our national identity and the homogenizing force that the melting pot creates.  We are simply an American collective identity or “Brand” of a free and able people that believe in self-rule and rule of law.

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