The erosion of merit and fairness in the military took another big hit last Friday with the Navy’s “kid gloves” decision to allow Captain Holly Graf to retire in rank rather than be punished for striking a subordinate.

Physical attacks by any person in our military are never to be tolerated, especially when a Commanding Officer is the perpetrator.

Last month Captain Graf, (whose sexual orientation is regularly questioned in military news websites), was brought before a Board of inquiry to face serious charges.

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She was called to explain why, as Commanding Officer of the USS Cowpens, she ordered her crew to engage in a “drag race” with another Naval vessel (putting the personnel on both ships in danger.) She also had to explain why she threw objects at several of her male subordinates, placed an enlisted man in a “time out” (directing him to stand alone in an empty room) and worse still trying to choke another officer serving with her on the  Cowpens.

Graf’s career was a classic military foray into political correctness gone totally wrong.  She was a loaded P.R. bomb waiting to explode and embarrass the Navy, and she has done exactly that.

She was supposed to prove that women could command naval ships and be rocketed up the Chain of Command just as men can. Her obvious lack of proper temperament was ignored to make the Navy seem “forward looking.”

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What was worse about the Graf case is that the Navy wanted to promote her to Rear Admiral even after these charges were brought. The Navy did not want to let go of its  perfect P.C/P.R plan to make Holly Graf an Admiral putting her at the same rank as her sister Robin.

Officers can’t walk away from charges like the ones Captain Holly Garf just did, yet she did. All of this begs for answers.

Could her older sister Robin have influenced the outcome?  Why did the Secretary of the Navy disregard a Board of Inquiry’s recommendation that Graf’s conduct called for her separation from the Navy with a “General” discharge.

Why would the Secretary of the Navy look at the evidence against Graf and order she be given an “Honorable” discharge?

When if ever will our Armed Forces return to being meritocracies?

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