The media’s love affair with President Obama


By Matt Mackowiak, Philadelphia Inquirer

Barack Obama 5 SC

Perhaps John McCain was right about Barack Obama being the “biggest celebrity in the world.” The news media, focused on profiting from the president’s celebrity, have been failing to report objectively on his policies.

We have seen a number of outrageous examples of media bias in the five months since Obama’s inauguration. And in recent weeks, Obama completed a “triple crown” of extended interviews on the three major networks.

Before Obama left for the Middle East, NBC News aired four hours of interviews in prime time over two nights to give viewers a portrait of a “day in the life” of the White House.

CBS News weighed in last week with its “Two Sides of Barack Obama.” It aired the first part, “Barack Obama: An American Dad,” on Father’s Day, and the second, “Barack Obama: The American President,” the next day.

And on Wednesday, ABC News aired “A Conversation with the President,” an hourlong prime-time special on health-care reform taped in the East Room of the White House – not exactly a neutral site. ABC rejected reasonable requests to include opposing voices during the infomercial, which was essentially a political contribution masquerading as news coverage.


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