The Lesson From The Trayvon Martin Shooting? Life Sucks


In light of the Feb. 26 Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Fla., apparently by George Zimmerman, Americans need a simple reminder: Life sucks.

To articulate that in a more professional manner, bad things happen. No amount of whining about the injustice of it all will change a single thing. Your parents were right when they said life is not fair.

What Americans, especially black Americans and those liberals suffering from white guilt, need to remember is that not everything is about race.

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama, with his irresponsible remarks, and other so-called black leaders have made this about race. How a violent clash between two minorities is a racial issue shows the illogic of the American left and the modern “civil rights” movement.

There are three comments that need made about the whole affair.

First, the behavior of Obama, the civil rights “leaders” and the national media have been disgraceful.

Obama, for his thoughtless remarks that, instead of quieting the growing racial unrest, blessed it with a presidential imprimatur.

The media for the inaccuracies and innuendo they keep spreading. The continued use of a photograph of Martin when he was a young boy instead of a more current picture can only be construed as a media attempt to garner sympathy for the dead lad and shows a callous disregard for basic journalistic standards.

Finally, the civil rights leaders. We have Spike Lee tweeting what he thought was George Zimmerman’s address, getting it wrong and forcing an elderly couple from their home, and then refusing to apologize. We have the New Black Panthers offering a bounty for Zimmerman, “dead or alive.” Such a bounty is illegal and should be prosecuted, but this administration has been unwilling to prosecute the group for past wrongs, such as voter intimidation in 2008 and 2010. It is essentially a terrorist organization.

Then there are the usual suspects, the not-so-Rev. Jessie Jackson and his blowhard colleague Al “I’m not above lying to keep the country racially divided because that is how I make a living” Sharpton, spreading their message of divisiveness.

How ironic is it that a class of people who were terrorized for years by lynch mobs have formed one of their own? Is this a new form of affirmative action? I’m curious how many of those gathering in Florida applauded when O.J. Simpson was acquitted.

The second comment that needs to be made is that Martin’s death, while tragic, pales in comparison to the attack on our judicial system that mob justice represents.

We have a judicial system in place. It has served us well for more than two centuries. Let it work. The investigation is ongoing. A grand jury is scheduled to determine if charges are warranted. That is how we do things. Grand juries have been around since 1166. They work. Let it unravel at its own pace.

The final comment is that I have come to the conclusion that those who want to deify Martin and crucify Zimmerman are ignoring facts and relying on rumors.

We don’t know all the facts, but we certainly know a great deal. What it boils down to is that two flawed individuals crossed paths on a fateful February evening. One of the two responded to the encounter in a violent fashion. One died from a gunshot wound at point-blank range.

Those are the only facts that are LEGALLY relevant.

Much has been made of the fact that Zimmerman followed Martin before the confrontation.

This was a gated community that had suffered a string of burglaries. Martin was a young black man. In America, young black men commit a disproportionate amount of crime (the real tragedy that Jackson, et al., should be fighting is the number of young black men dying every day from black-on-black violence). Zimmerman, who was on neighborhood watch, was rightfully suspicious. He did call the police, but we all know you can’t always count on the police showing up for a complaint of a suspicious person walking through a neighborhood.

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