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Obama’s Misery Taxes


The recent decision of the Supreme Court in the Obamacare case has clearly shown the American people the untenable political conditions that have gripped our nation.  Our president has single-handedly accomplished the destruction of his entire electorate, which will revel itself as the law continues to roll out.  We have heard the continual cry from him and the Democrats of “fair share” when it comes to income taxes.  This decision by SCOTUS allowing the “Patient Affordable Care Act” to stand as a “tax” has finally turned the tables on using taxes as a vehicle for societal change and class warfare by the Democrats against the wealthy and industrious in our nation.

Obama has created the largest regressive tax on the middle class and poor in the nation’s history. What’s more, he cannot just snap his fingers and change the law as he has done so often in other cases (most recently with immigration law).  The power to “tax” is the exclusive domain of Congress, and this issue will need to be addressed through them if Obama wants to fix his signature legislation.  The law is more than likely to be repealed than amended, as tax law changes only need a simple majority in the Senate fifty one votes. This majority is easier to reach, and the Democrats will not allow such a large tax to stand against their electorate.  The foolish and inept manner in which the Democrats rushed into this boondoggle was frightening, and any legislation that is several thousand pages long is utter stupidity in the first place.  Obama has now violated the Democrats mantra of “lay no taxes on the poor and middle class, soak the rich in all things taxes.”  This is illustrated by the following graph on the progressive nature of income taxes and the regressive nature of his new “health insurance tax” shown below:


Many wealthy citizens are renouncing their citizenship as the costs associated with being a citizen are becoming too heavy to bear. Where is it written that they are to be taxed to death to pay for the political machinations of Obama and the Democrats, as they continue to redistribute their wealth as they see fit? Therefore, they are voting with their feet, leaving to countries that will allow them to keep most of what they earn.  Can you blame them?  These citizens, the 1%, have paid the bulk of taxes in this nation for far too long, and if enough of them leave, where will the nation’s tax receipts come from?  These are the consequences of the liberal mindset of shifting responsibilities to others for your constituents. After all, they do not vote for you, so who cares about them? They are to be used and tossed away as a dirty napkin.

Of course, the larger question is what is best for the nation!

This is where Democrats consistently go wrong, as they abandon governance for constant electioneering. Frankly, it is easier that way, and there is always a handy scapegoat when things do not quite work out as you promised: the wealthy.  Nancy Pelosi, within hours of the decision of SCOTUS, was lambasting people who do not have health insurance as “free riders”. The amazing, warp-speed transformation from oppressed uninsured minion to scofflaw was truly a sight to behold.

This time however, it is all catching up with Obama and the Democrats, as the regressive nature of the new health care tax is the largest tax increase in history on this nation’s citizens.  Ironically, this new tax is placed upon the citizens that can least afford it, the lower income citizen, since SCOTUS blocked the implementation of the expansion of any states Medicaid program by forced mandates from the federal government.  States are declaring they want no part of these new funding mandates.  Obama and the Democrats thought they were so clever to force the states to pay for their new health insurance program, so who will pay these new taxes?

In my estimation, Obama and the Democrats have finally outsmarted themselves and delivered their own coup de gras to their own party, and will finally stop their continuous electioneering by pandering to all the so-called disaffected groups they are constantly creating and segregating.  The current courting of illegal immigrants is their warm up act for them to be included into their big tent as they bring them into the Democratic Party’s fold. Today: inclusion, tomorrow: voting rights, that would be my guess.  God forbid they actually turn their attention to governance, in the style of JFK, which was the last real Democratic President that believed in governance and leadership.  Johnson was the start of the modern day “give the store” away Democrat in the model of Roosevelt and has been emulated by Democratic Presidents ever since.

Electioneering is easy, governance is hard… and we may be witnessing the destruction of their corrupt beliefs and the Democratic Party as having any significant influence in government for quite some time to come (we can only hope so).  We can now say that Obama has fulfilled his campaign promise to “fundamentally change our nation.” He has accomplished this beyond his wildest imagination, and he has managed to bring misery to all equally.

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