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The Left never stands so tall as when it stands upon dead bodies. Whether it is Bill Clinton blaming the Oklahoma City bombing on Rush Limbaugh, Democratic mayors suing gun manufacturers after school shootings in Arkansas and Colorado, Democrats turning Senator Paul Wellstone’s memorial into a campaign rally, or Cindy Sheehan vastly overstaying her 15 minutes of fame, the Left never lets a tragedy pass without blaming it on its political enemies and pushing its agenda. Saturday’s tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, D-AZ, was no exception.

Within minutes, Matthew Yglesias blamed the shooting on “violent rhetoric” such as that of Michele Bachmann. DailyKos proprietor Markos Moulitsas tweeted, “Mission Accomplished, Sarah Palin.” Allegedly, Palin had caused the tragedy by producing a map with “crosshairs” over targeted districts, including that of Giffords. The “evidence” becomes more underwhelming when one realizes Palin’s map used surveyor symbols, not crosshairs or bullseyes. In fact, both the DLC and DailyKos created maps with bullseyes — in the latter’s case, against Congresswoman Giffords herself, and later running a column in which the author called the shooting victim “dead to me.”

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And at the risk of sounding like the snobbish liberals who frequent DK, the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was obsessed with the proper use of English grammar; this does not lead me to believe he was a Sarah Palin fan.

Arizona Shooter was a Left-Winger (And Nuts)

It should come as no surprise that Saturday’s shooter, who has been used as a convenient tool for morally superior left-wingers to whip conservatives, appears to have been a mentally disturbed occultist who drew his political inspiration from The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf. So much blood has been shed in the name of those two collectivist ideologies that Saturday’s tragedies would scarcely represent a drop in the bucket. Caitie Parker, a classmate of Loughner’s at Tuscon’s Mountain View High School and Pima Community College, describes him as “a political radical,” “left-wing, quite liberal” and “Anti-Flag.” His views seem as remote from Glenn Beck and Tom Tancredo as possible. (American Family Radio talk show host Bryan Fischer was way ahead of the crowd in pointing out the shooter’s left-wing views.)

More to the point, the Left has so specialized in inciting its members to assassinate politicians and spreading violent rhetoric that the psychological mechanism of projection forces it to hallucinate similar instances on the Right.

The Left’s perpetual cry of conservative “violence” is like a bad movie Hollywood continually remakes. The most recent example occurred when liberals blamed the 2009 Holocaust Museum shooting on conservatives, although the perpetrator was a Christian-hating socialist. Huffington Post blogger Michelle Kraus wrote simply, “Thank you very much Karl Rove and your minions.” Another HuffPo columnist accused Fox News host Glenn Beck of “using the public airwaves to incite violence,” while Alan Colmes smeared The gunman, James Wenneker Von Brunn, had written, “‘Christianity’ destroyed Roman Civilization” and called socialism “the future of the West.” Loughner’s political views may have stemmed from the same source.

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