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The Left Arms Rioters and Disarms Their Victims


by Doug Book


In 1997, the British government confiscated handguns from the people of Great Britain. Thanks to mandatory gun registration, owners had little choice but to capitulate, as those who failed to turn in their weapons voluntarily would be easy to hunt down and imprison.

Now, these same law-abiding British citizens – for it is always the law-abiding whose rights and property government seems most eager to steal – have been left defenseless,  watching helplessly as their property and livelihoods are being stolen by a criminal class only marginally different from the one that robbed them of their ability to fight back.

Who are these rioters? Although most have been blacks using the shooting death of gangbanger/drug dealer Mark Duggan as an excuse for the looting, some previously law-abiding Brits have joined in, according to a London policeman. “I saw teaching assistants, caretakers – people with good educations and good jobs,” blogs the anonymous bobby. “They watched the looters and thought: ‘I’ll have a bit of that, too.’

The rioters and looters are products of the British welfare state, the most profound example of the economic and societal plague of liberalism in the Western Hemisphere.

Whether the mayhem has been perpetrated by a professional or a newly minted criminal, all have been armed with a thoughtless and careless mentality brought on by generations of hearing that right and wrong are purely subjective notions.

They have been told that some have “too much,” and people are not entitled to their own property, because then there will not be enough for the rest of us. They consider it just to help themselves to the “fair share” they have heard so much about.

As usual, the liberal media are eager to provide excuses for their behavior, suggesting that criminal activity can be attributed to “the failure over the past 30 years by the government to create stable employment for the underclass.”

We are supposed to understand and lament the rage, despair, and hopelessness of the “have-nots.”

But this criminality is produced by the rage of those who complain about being poor, yet have never worked at a job. It’s the despair of those who lack opportunity, yet never completed their government-funded schooling.

It is the hopelessness of people who believe the State, which assigns their “victim class” status, prevents their success and should simultaneously guarantee their happiness.

And now the United States has a president working to duplicate the debacle of London’s multicultural welfare mentality.

In so doing, rioting – already all the rage in Chicago, Philadelphia, and other large,  liberal-run cities – would surely spread in earnest to other parts of the nation.

Of course, participants might have a more difficult time than their counterparts in London, for the American people have not permitted themselves to be disarmed and turned into made-to-order victims of the Left’s social engineering.

It has been 150 years since Americans waged war against their countrymen. We might be forced to witness a repeat performance in the very near future.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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