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The IRS – Attempting to Influence Elections and Public Policy



Can anyone feel safe from persecution? Despite the neglect of the liberal media, the world is learning about the corruption of the IRS in targeting conservative groups.  But the corruption goes much deeper than harassing groups seeking first time non-profit designations, into actively sabotaging existing non-profit groups by releasing confidential information.

According to published records and John Eastman, a constitutional law professor at Chapman University, who is chairman of the National Organization for Marriage, in March of 2012 the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) published a confidential tax return of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which was immediately republished by The Huffington Post and other liberal news media outlets. The HRC and NOM are the leading national groups on opposing sides of the fight over the rights of homosexuals (gays) to marry. The HRC wants to redefine marriage to make it genderless, while the NOM wishes to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman, as God intended.

The National Organization for Marriage was not the only conservative-leaning group or business that appears to have faced illegal actions from IRS employees.  The liberal ProPublica reported that the IRS handed over to them confidential documents of nine conservative organizations whose applications for non-profit status were still pending. Among them: Crossroads GPS, a key group backing Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Aside from the blatant Constitutional issues, the leak of confidential information may have directly and indirectly influenced the 2012 elections, and not just at the presidential level, but State, county and local jurisdictions as well. For months before March 2012, the pro-gay marriage HRC had been demanding that the NOM, publicly identify its major donors, something that NOM and many other non-profit organizations refuse to do. The reason is simple. It is well documented that gay marriage advocates have used such information to launch campaigns of intimidation against traditional marriage supporters.

Gay marriage proponents demanded the information, and it appears that the IRS illegally gave them exactly what they were looking for. The tax return released by the HRC contained the names and addresses of dozens of major donors to NOM. And there’s little doubt where the documents came from. The tax returns contained internal coding added by the IRS after the returns were originally submitted.

For the IRS to leak any organization’s tax return to its political opponents is an outrageous breach of ethics and, if proven, constitutes a felony. Every organization — liberal and conservative — should shudder at the idea of the IRS playing politics with its confidential tax return information. But the situation here is even more egregious because the head of the HRC was at the time serving as a national co-chair of President Obama’s re-election campaign. Does anyone see a pattern here? Conservative organizations were and are being purposely targeted for unreasonable scrutiny because they dared to criticize the Obama administration’s programs or initiatives.

The release of the National Organization for Marriage’s confidential tax return to the Human Rights Campaign is an undeniable indicator of IRS corruption. Contrary to assertions that the targeting of Tea Party groups was an error in judgment by low-level IRS bureaucrats which has since been debunked by Fox News, the release of NOM’s confidential data to a group headed by an Obama campaign co-chair suggests the possibility of complicity at the highest levels of politics and government. This wasn’t a low-level error in judgment; it was a conscious act to reward a prominent Obama supporter while punishing an opponent. “We will reward our friends and punish our opponents”. This should send a shiver down the back of every law abiding citizen.

I don’t know why the IRS has not been very interested in getting to the bottom of what happened. Federal investigators have interviewed NOM officials about the matter, but nothing seems to have been done beyond that. Now it is becoming more clear why the IRS is not excited about following up on NOM’s case. They have a lot more on their plate.

At this stage, nobody is accusing the White House or the Obama re-election campaign of illegal activity. But there is a serious question about whether there was communication or possible collusion between the IRS and the HRC, and if there was, whether anyone at the White House or the Obama re-election campaign was involved. As it appears the head of the IRS was making regular trips to the White House. According to the White House visitor’s log, Mr. Shulman visited the White House on 157 occasions, more than the Secretary of State, Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Defense combined. Either there was a lot of secret egg rolling going on or there were other secrets being discussed.

It is imperative that congressional investigators get to the bottom of these issues. If the IRS can get away with leaking NOM’s confidential tax return to its chief political opponent, and targeting other Conservative groups for nefarious reasons then no taxpayer is safe from political retribution by the federal government. We must demand satisfaction and put an end to the tyranny of the liberal minority in this country. It is time for all God fearing people to stand up for what they believe in. We need to demand equal justice and integrity from our government and our elected officials. If the IRS is acting in a partisan fashion it should be dismantled. Urge Congress to enact the Fair Tax. Every one pays their fair share including Obama and the members of Congress. You get to keep your pay check and only pay tax on what you buy. Or you could vote for the Flat Tax which could be completed on a post card. Either initiative would greatly curtail the actions and authority of the IRS.

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