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There are no winners in this case. A young man is dead. Trayvon Martin’s family will never see him again, and George Zimmerman’s life – though he avoided a prison sentence – will never be the same. Having all the evidence and facts available to make an informed decision, the jury ruled Zimmerman acted in self-defense. Al Sharpton’s crusade will now continue in civil court.

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Immediately following the not guilty verdict Saturday night, tweets were sent out about revenge, and death threats were aimed at Zimmerman, the jury, and the public defenders of this high-profile case. Zimmerman’s home address was posted on line with, “you know what to do.” One thug tweeted a picture of himself holding an AK-47 rifle and, “Zimmerman, we comin fo yo life, bi*ch.”

Hollywood celebs and pro athletes alike joined the protest. New York Giants Wide Receiver Victor Cruz Tweeted: ‘Zimmerman doesn’t last a year before the hood catches up to him.’

Atlanta Falcons Roddy White tweeted: ‘All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid.’

Geraldo Riviera commented on how the jury may have reasoned:

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“I see those six ladies putting themselves, on that rainy night, in that housing complex that has just been burglarized by three or four different groups of black youngsters from the adjacent community. It’s dark; a six foot two inch, hoodie-wearing stranger is in the immediate housing complex. How would the ladies on that jury have reacted?”

Regardless of what you think about the Zimmerman verdict, the jury somehow did what the media refused to: remove politics and ignore public pressure. Instead they chose to focus on the facts, laws, and evidence in the case. 

Few in the media report on the travesty in many inner cities in America where black on black deaths continue to increase with the crime and violence. 

Few in the media report on the massive number of black babies being aborted at Planned Parenthood and other Gosnell clinics, especially in minority neighborhoods. Where is the public outcry over these deaths?

While the Zimmerman case was concluding, at least four more people were murdered in Chicago, one of them an eight year-old-girl.

Since the July 4th weekend, dozens of people have been injured and 16 killed in Chicago – mostly shooting deaths – in one of the strictest cities for gun laws.

Liberals continue using race to divide Americans and it’s getting old. Their hypocrisy is glaring. The media that tried the Zimmerman case and found him guilty (until proven innocent) a year before the trial should be ashamed of themselves. 

It’s also ironic that many in the Party claiming to be pro-women are now insulting the six female jurors that spent weeks in the courtroom away from their families, examined all the evidence, and deliberated for over 16 hours before rendering their difficult verdict. Isn’t this sexism? 

It’s no surprise Americans distrust the media today more than ever. In a recent Pew survey, only 28% of Americans think journalists “contribute a lot to society’s well-being,” a 10-point drop since 2009. 

If you’re open to truth and willing to research, you’ll find stories similar to the following atrocious, disturbing tragedy.

The medical examiner said Christopher Newsome and Channon Christian’s last few hours on earth were horrific and unthinkable. 

The newly dating, white college students were on their way to a friend’s house and a movie night when they were carjacked at gunpoint in Knoxville, Tennessee, by four black men. The following day, January 7, 2007, the couple’s family reported them missing.

Newsom’s burned corpse was located near some railroad tracks and Christian’s body was found at the first crime scene in a trash receptacle. The condition of the bodies and eventual confessions painted a tragic picture of beatings, rape, torture, and murder.

Bound, blindfolded, and gagged, Newsome had been repeatedly sodomized with an object and eventually shot execution style near the train tracks.

After being gang-raped, Christian sustained injuries to her mouth, anus, and vagina. While still alive, Channon Christian: 

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