The future of news


Jeremiah Dobruck, Daily Titan


Newspaper SCTaxpayers are already shouldering the burden of the nation’s economic collapse with a $787 billion stimulus plan, but consumers also may end up bearing the brunt of the print-based media’s money problems.

The state and federal budgets were not the only ones in crisis. Tribune Co., the parent company of the Los Angeles Times and KTLA 5, filed for bankruptcy in December, and 20,000 journalists were laid off in 2008, according to TIME Magazine and the U.S. Department of Labor.

The L.A. Times and TIME Magazine both published articles in the last month suggesting newspapers and magazines return to the model of charging for their online content, a practice abandoned by almost all successful newspapers except the Wall Street Journal.

The Times suggested the government grant newspapers an anti-trust exemption, which would allow them to charge for online content without competing with each other.


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